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Stan Lauryssens (* 1946 in Antwerp ) is a Belgian author who lives in London, his desk is in Antwerp.


Before Stan Lauryssens started traveling, he worked as a local editor in Antwerp. He got around the world interviewing celebrities and lesser known people, including writers Harold Robbins , Konsalik , Jack Higgins , artists like Christo , Andy Warhol , Karel Appel and Salvador Dalí . He wrote five books on the subject of National Socialism and conducted lengthy interviews with Hitler's adjutant Otto Günsch , Leni Riefenstahl and Karl Dönitz . In the 1970s he published his report on the search for Martin Bormann and Josef Mengele in South America. His study of Arthur Moeller van den Bruck : The Man Who Invented the Third Reich was published in English . His book Opmars naar het Vierde Rijk deals with the old Nazis in the Federal Republic who had come together for the “March into the Fourth Reich in the Naumann circle around Werner Naumann .

Between 1985 and 1992 he lived in Barcelona and stayed in the vicinity of Salvador Dalí , about which he wrote Dalí en ik , which initially appeared as a series in Mail on Sunday . It is by Andrew Niccol as Dali & I: The Surreal Story with Cillian Murphy and Al Pacino are filmed.

A novel about the marriage of Flemin Maria Nys and Aldous Huxley was published in 2001, Mijn heerlijke nieuwe wereld .

Lauryssens has also started to work in the crime genre: Zwarte sneeuw , for which he received the 2002 award for the best Flemish novel of the last 12 months.

Lauryssens is known for freely inventing interviews with Hollywood stars. He was sentenced to prison terms in Belgium and Spain for trading in counterfeit Dalí images.


(There are no German translations available)

  • 1975: Opmars naar het Vierde Rijk
  • 1975: De Eichmann-erfenis
  • 1998: Dalí en ik
  • 1999: Costa del Crimen: eighth Spaanse tralies
  • 2003: The Man Who Invented the Third Reich: The Life and Times of Arthur Moeller Van Den Bruck . Sutton Publishing, New York, ISBN 0-7509-3054-3
  • 2002: Zwarte sneeuw
  • 2003: Dode lijken
  • 2004: Rode rozen
  • 2005: Doder dan dood
  • 2005: Bloter dan bloot
  • 2006: Geen tijd voor tranen
  • 2007: How vroeg sterft
  • 2009: Bloedrozen, de Dalí Killings
  • 2011: Moord op de Kalmthoutse Heide
  • 2012: Alle dagen curry en seks op zondag
  • 2012: Lotte, 17 years old, blond, blue waves
  • 2012: In de Schaduw van de Feniks
  • 2013: Cleo, 15 jaar, rood hair, vader onbekend
  • 2014: Het dode meisje
  • 2014: Schoenaerts
  • 2014: Bruxman en de wraak van Lange Wapper
  • 2015: Selfie memoires van een sympathieke schurk
  • 2016: De man die de treinen deed rijden: drama in drie bedrijven
  • 2019: Mijn herinnering aan Jef Geeraerts: de man met de two


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