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Stamp (from old high German stemphil " pestle ") denotes:

  • Stamp (paper) , device for printing a seal, symbol or short text on paper
  • symbol or seal applied by such a device
  • a stamp duty
  • a punch for replenishing material into the inlet of an opening that is dangerous for the fingers, for example in a chopper or mixer.

Special types of stamps:

  • Bread stamp , stamping device in the baking industry and its imprint
  • Digital stamp , electronic signature
  • Fineness mark , for precious metals
  • Coin stamp, steel form with the negative incised coin images (e.g. for hammer minting )
  • Postmark , stamping device at the post office and its imprint
  • Embossing stamp , tool part for embossing workpieces
  • Stamp , tool for stamping workpieces with the help of a hammer
  • the seal on a calibrated measuring device and the official seal on it, see main stamp and security stamp

Support elements during construction:

  • a vertical beam in the carpentry, see stand
  • Pit stamp in underground mining


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