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Coat of arms of those of Stojentin

Stojentin , also spelled Stojenthin or Stoyentin , is the name of an old Pomeranian noble family.


The family first appeared in a document on August 14, 1341 zu Stolp with the squires Bartold , Ducal Pomeranian Council, and Matzen van Stojentin .

Two parent houses of the Stojentin family were Schwetzkow bei Stolp with the family branch A and Darsow bei Lauenburg i. Pom. with the family branch B. The latter family branch in the male line went out in 1912 with the death of Emil von Stojentin.

Furthermore, the family flourished in the branch of Stojentin-Waglikowski in Pommerellen on Waglikowice district Berent, Damerau district Konitz and Groß-Klinsch district Berent (around 1599).

The family owned numerous estates in Western Pomerania, such as the villages of Prebendow, Zemmen and Schorin. Around 1724 she also owned Neu Gutzmarow, Vixow, Giesebitz, Saviat and Starnitz in the Stolp district. The best-known descendant of the family is Valentin von Stojentin , who, as a legal scholar, was the counsel of Duke Bogislaw X. and a well-known champion of Lutheranism. Since the 17th century, all family members have descended from Kaspar von Stojentin († 1617), who was the governor of Friedrichswalde. Peter Heinrich von Stojentin was awarded the order Pour le Mérite as major general of the Prussian infantry and was governor of Liebenwalde and Zehdenick . In the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Max von Stojentin published writings on the history of the von Stojentin and von Zitzewitz families as well as on other historical topics, including in the Baltic Studies .

coat of arms

Coat of arms of those of Stojentin

The coat of arms , divided obliquely to the left, shows a silver (or natural-colored) stag protruding to the right in blue (or silver) above, and below it is made of blue and silver (or gold). On the helmet with blue-silver (blue-gold) covers three peacock feathers (emerging from smaller feathers).

" Deer over chess " is the recurring motif of a group of coats of arms of several Pomeranian noble families.

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