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Substyle (2012)
Substyle (2012)
General information
origin Cologne , Germany
Genre (s) Alternative rock
founding 1998
Founding members
Guido Böckem
Heiwi eater
David Kremers
Tobias Schellin
Sebastian key
Current occupation
Guitar, keyboard
Heiwi eater
Thomas Nathan
David Kremers
Michael Wolpers

Substyle is a German alternative rock band from Cologne .


The band was founded in 1998 in Mönchengladbach by Guido Böckem (vocals), Heiwi Esser (guitar), David Kremers (bass), Tobias Schellin (violin) and Sebastian Schlüssel (drums). The name Substyle, roughly translated as “Under the Style”, is intended to make the band's openness to influences from all genres of music clear.

In the same year a demo CD was recorded by Kurt Schmidt, bassist for the band Sun , and a booking contract was subsequently signed with the Bonn concert agency “Big Mama” (later Headline Concerts). After a few concerts with Pyogenesis , Substyle signed a publishing contract with the music publisher "edition move it *" (Berlin, co-publisher with BMG UFA Musikverlag) in 1999 and later in the same year recorded in Horus Sound Studios (Hanover) with producer Uwe Sabirowski (including Thumb, Beatsteaks, Keith Caputo) on another demo.

At the end of 1999, Substyle applied as the opening act for the medieval rockers In Extremo and accompanied them on their tour of Germany. In the course of the tour Substyle not only sold well over 1500 copies of their self-produced EP Cold Light of Day , but also received a record deal with the label "Stars in the Dark / Vielklang" (Berlin).

In 2001 the debut album On the Rocks (produced by Ekkehard Strauhs & Thomas Heimann-Trosien) was released with the single Downstream . Honored by journalists as the best newcomer of 2001, larger record companies were also interested in Substyle. In 2002 the band switched to Motor Music / Universal Music. In the same year, the EP I'm God and This Is My Day was released , then the band's second album, Out to Lunch (both produced by Ekkehard Strauhs & Thomas Heimann-Trosien). The singles Still Living and Cotton Candy Club were released from the album .

This was followed by a headlining tour through Germany and Austria, appearances at festivals such as Taubertal , Summer Breeze and With Full Force . Substyle also appeared in 2002 and 2003 as support for Motörhead , on another tour for In Extremo, Die Happy , Sub7even and the Emil Bulls .

Due to restructuring in the Universal group, the old and thus now new label “Vielklang” (Berlin) had to file for bankruptcy shortly afterwards. Therefore, the band's third album, which had already been recorded, was never released. At this time, singer Guido Böckem left the band for personal reasons. At the same time, violinist Tobias Schellin became seriously ill with cancer, so that his right arm had to be amputated. Without Tobias and with David Schlax (vocals / guitar) the remaining members continued and in 2005 played a tour in the opening act of Extrabreit . The band then paused temporarily.

In May 2006, the original line-up met (Tobias Schellin, who has since recovered, switched from violin to keyboard, samples and programming) except for Sebastian Schlüssel (drums) and they decided to start the band again. Hendrik Hoinkis joined Substyle as the new drummer.

After a few concerts in the Cologne area, the new album began to be recorded in the studio by guitarist Heiwi Esser (H-Musik, Cologne), who also acts as the producer of the work.

Walk the Dino was finally completed in 2008 . In the meantime, the band members Esser and Schellin, together with their manager Sven Sievers, founded their own label ("Fire! Fire! Fire Recordings", Cologne), on which the album was released in August 2008 (distributed by "Alive").

In January 2008, David Schlax, who was the singer of the band in 2005, returned to Substyle as the second guitarist.

Since 2008, Substyle and the Cologne cabaret artist and author Dagmar Schönleber have established the regular “Pogo Poesie Club” in the Cologne live club Blue Shell, a mixture of live concert and reading with changing guest stars (including Lee Hollis (Spermbirds, Steaknife), Kai Havaii (extra wide), Lars Niedereichholz (mouth chair), Nagel (Muff Potter), Claude Oliver Rudolph).

In November 2008 the band separated from drummer Hendrik Hoinkis.

With the new woman on the drums, Claudia "Killer" Lippmann, Substyle were appointed to the support band of the Finnish glam rockers Negative and in December 2008 they went on a two-week tour of Germany with them.

After further strokes of fate and the insight that the band could not continue with the previous line-up, they split up again in 2009.

The band has been in the current line-up since 2012: Esser (guitar, keyboard, production), Thomas Nathan (vocals), Kremers (bass), Michael Wolpers (drums). Tobias Schellin no longer performs live with the band, but takes care of the artwork, photos and organization.

In cooperation with Aidshilfe Köln e. V. an exclusive download track, A Nation for One Day, was published for World AIDS Day 2013. The income goes to aid the AIDS organization. The track was published on the label by Esser und Schellin, distribution was carried out by Zebralution.



  • 2001: On the Rocks (Vielklang / Stars In The Dark, EFA)
  • 2002: Out to Lunch (Motor Music, Universal)
  • 2008: Walk the Dino (Fire! Fire! Fire! Recordings, Alive)


  • 1999: Cold Light of Day (self-distribution, tour edition only available at concerts)
  • 2002: I'm God and This Is My Day (Motor Music, Universal)


  • 2001: Downstream (Vielklang / Stars In The Dark, EFA)
  • 2002: Still Living (Motor Music, Universal)
  • 2002: Cotton Candy Club (Motor Music, Universal)
  • 2008: Dirty Youth (Fire! Fire! Fire! Recordings, Alive)
  • 2013: A Nation for One Day (Fire! Fire! Fire! Recordings, Zebralution)


  • 2001: Downstream (Vielklang / Stars In The Dark, EFA)
  • 2008: Dirty Youth (Fire! Fire! Fire! Recordings, Alive)

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