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Susie Cusack (* 1971 in Evanston , Illinois ) is an American actress .


The sister of Bill Cusack , Ann Cusack , Joan Cusack, and John Cusack is a daughter of actor Dick Cusack and a teacher. At times she sang in a rock band. As an actress, she made her debut in the role of the lawyer for Bernard Laplante ( Dustin Hoffman ) in the comedy A Normal Hero from 1992. Her sister Joan Cusack played one of the bigger roles in this film.

The role in Robert Altman's film Short Cuts (1993) brought Cusack - along with several other actors - the Coppa Volpi in 1993 and the Golden Globe Award in 1994 . In the independent comedy Not Again! (1996) she played one of the bigger roles. In the comedy High Fidelity (2000) by Stephen Frears , she appeared on the side of her siblings John and Joan Cusack and Catherine Zeta-Jones . In 2000, she and her father and siblings received the Commitment to Chicago Award from the Chicago Film Critics Association . In the film drama The Company (2003) by Robert Altman, she was seen in a larger role on the side of Neve Campbell and Malcolm McDowell .

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