State Directorate Saxony

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State Directorate Saxony

State level country
position State funding authority
Supervisory authority Saxon State Ministry of the Interior
founding March 1, 2012
Headquarters Chemnitz
Authority management Regina Kraushaar
Servants approx. 1,400
Web presence
Headquarters of the regional directorate in the listed building of the former Astrawerke , Altchemnitzer Straße 41 in Chemnitz

The subordinate authority below the Saxon ministerial level is referred to as the State Directorate Saxony . It is the general state authority of the Free State of Saxony and directly subordinate to the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior . According to the legal regulation, it has three locations in Chemnitz , Dresden and Leipzig (so-called offices ), the latter two being incorrectly referred to in the press as branch offices . According to Section 6, Paragraph 1, Clause 2 of Saxony. Administrative Organization Act, the seat of the President is in Chemnitz; this seat is also the headquarters. Branch offices (offices) exist in Bautzen , Görlitz and Zwickau .

History of origin

The State Directorate of Saxony emerged on March 1, 2012 from the former State Directorates of Chemnitz , Dresden and Leipzig , whose tasks and powers it has largely taken over. The former provincial head arose in turn in the course of the Saxon administrative reorganization and the district reform Saxony in 2008 on 1 August 2008 as the successor authorities of the former regional councils .

With the abolition of the regional directorates, a trend that can be observed nationwide (to Rhineland-Palatinate , Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony ) is continuing to abandon central authority authorities for cost reasons and assign existing tasks either to the lower authorities at the district and city level or to the ministries or to relocate directly subordinate, nationally active regional higher authorities to them.

Tasks and organization

The State Office of Saxony performs tasks from several ministries of state and coordinates all administrative activities in Saxony. In terms of federal regulations, it is a higher administrative authority . It is represented externally by a president and 3 vice-presidents for the Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig locations and is divided into departments and units. It performs the tasks of the state office to regulate open property issues and the tasks of administrative and professional rehabilitation.

Department 1: Central Affairs

In the department of one of the matters to be organization , the staff and the education and training processes, auditing matters clarified and the household logged. In addition, the legal department and the state office for settling open property issues are located in this department.

Department 2: Home Affairs, Social Affairs and Health

Department 2 houses the municipal supervision, the gaming supervision and two state offices. Further units exercise legal supervision over defined subject areas.


Department 3: Infrastructure

Department 3 deals with the promotion and approval of construction projects as well as the law in the field of construction . The 1st procurement chamber of the Free State of Saxony is also located here.


Department 4: Environmental Protection

In Department 4, matters relating to the environment are dealt with.


Department 5: Occupational Safety

In Department 5, regulations are developed that are intended to ensure the safety of employees in companies , companies and authorities . A staff unit accompanies the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA).


Department 6: Asylum and Aliens Law

The Immigration Office of the State Office of Saxony is located in Chemnitz and deals with all questions relating to matters relating to foreigners.


  • Awarding, contract management , accounting
  • Immigration, law and professional supervision
  • End of stay measures
  • Central initial reception and distribution within the state
  • Initial reception facilities (only Dresden)


With effect from March 1, 2012, Dietrich Gökelmann was appointed as the new President of the State Office for Saxony . Since June 1, 2011, he has been President of the Chemnitz Regional Directorate , and at the same time he assumed the functions of President of the Dresden and Leipzig Regional Directorates .

On March 2, 2020, Regina Kraushaar succeeded Gökelmann, who was retiring.

Breakdown by former administrative districts

Map of the Saxon districts with former regional offices

The former administrative districts included (in brackets: seat of the district office)

Chemnitz administrative district

Dresden administrative district

Headquarters Leipzig

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