Crime scene: Frankfurt – Miami

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Frankfurt – Miami
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
classification Episode 336 ( List )
First broadcast June 23, 1996 on Das Erste
Director Klaus Biedermann
script Jaques Labib
Frederic Fajardie
Simon Michaël
production Jean-Pierre Gallo
music Claude Samart
camera Mark Lennard
cut Elke Herbener

Frankfurt – Miami is a television film from the crime series Tatort which was produced by Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) under the direction of Klaus Biedermann and broadcast for the first time on June 23, 1996 in the program Das Erste . It is the 336th episode of the crime scene and the 14th case of the chief detective Edgar Brinkmann .

Brinkmann investigates two murder cases of prostitutes who were used as drug couriers.


While Commissioner Brinkmann is on his way from Frankfurt to Paris in the Intercity, the woman he has been observing for a week is murdered on the train in the middle of the night. Brinkmann had hoped to track down the murderer by shadowing the South American prostitutes, because shortly before that, her colleague had also been killed in the Frankfurt Eros Center "Miami". Brinkmann's French colleagues have already been informed and are waiting for the German commissioner at the station. Anders Etchegoyen works for the moral police in Paris and fears that these two murders will not stop there.

A few days later in Frankfurt, the prostitute Béatrice, who actually wants to quit her job, is sent by Khamon to Paris as a drug courier. Little does she suspect that she is only supposed to serve as a decoy, as Khamon is also working to eliminate the man who has been killing him and the Turkish mafia for some time. Reluctantly, Béatrice gets on the train. She is monitored for safety by Kemal, Khamon's deputy and henchman. She tries to hide the drug in her compartment and notices that the book in which it was camouflaged is empty. She is horrified and fears for her life and that of her little daughter if she arrives in Paris without the goods. She calls Anders Etchegoyen, whom she knows from her time in Paris, and asks him for help. He uses his connections and procures a kilogram of heroin, which he hands over to Beatrice in the hope of convicting the contacts in Paris. After Beatrice hands over the goods as agreed, Etchegoyen's colleague Clara Franconeri can identify a Fernand Valet as the recipient. Etchegoyen contacts Valet and puts him under pressure to help him get in touch with his drug supplier. He and Clara Franconeri went to Frankfurt, where they met Inspector Brinkmann again, whom they had only just met and who is not very enthusiastic about Franconeri's unorthodox methods. Beatrice supports her in her work in the hope of getting out of the red light district . But she is in danger when Kemal tells her that he took the drug out of the book. So she should explain to him where she got the money for the undelivered goods. Etchegoyen can only free Beatrice from Kemal's violence with a trick. He hides them with Brinkmann's help and contacts Kemal's boss Khamon. He poses as a potential major customer and buys two kilos of heroin that he and Clara Franconeri want to bring to Paris on the same day. He doesn't know that Kemal has already found out about him and is following him. As soon as he arrives on the train, Kemal tries to get the heroin in the manner of the last murder, but Franconeri is prepared and defends himself. She is slightly injured and Kemal escapes. This now moves on to the last phase of his plan. He informs the drug lords in Turkey that after this new mishap, Khamon is no longer viable, whereupon he gets clearance to eliminate his boss. First he kills two of Khamon's confidants from the "Miami" and then also Khamon. When the police wanted to catch Kemal, he escaped and died in the process.


For this crime scene episode, the underground car park of the HR was converted into a location for the brothel because the broadcaster did not want to shoot directly in the real red-light district.


Audience ratings

The first broadcast from Frankfurt – Miami on June 23, 1996, Das Erste had a market share of 19.03 percent and was seen by 6.31 million viewers in Germany.


The TV feature film television newspaper thinks: Solid milieu thriller, charming investigator duo.

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