Devil in the Body (1986)

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German title Devil in the body
Original title Il diavolo in corpo
Country of production France , Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1986
length 110 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Marco Bellocchio
script Marco Bellocchio
Ennio De Concini
Enrico Palandri
Massimo Fagioli
production Leo Pescarolo
music Carlo Crivelli
camera Giuseppe Lanci
cut Mirco Garrone

Teufel im Leib is a Franco-Italian drama from 1986. Maruschka Detmers played the leading role .

The plot is based on the novel Le Diable au corps by Raymond Radiguet (1903-1923). The novel was previously made into a film in 1947 and 1970 and thereafter in 1989 and 1990.


The action takes place in Italy. Andrea is about to graduate from high school when he falls in love with his neighbor Giulia, who is a few years older than him. Giulia has a friend who as a terrorist in custody sits and wants to marry her. At first she refuses to enter into a relationship with Andrea, but then she becomes his lover.


  • described the film as 'dreary'.
  • film-dienst : Due to the indecisive staging, which tries in vain to prove which connections exist between psychosocial conditions, free sexuality and depressive-psychological illnesses, and due to some superfluous speculations ambiguous.


The film became a scandal in the 1980s, not least because of the scene in which Giulia ( Maruschka Detmers ) performed fellatio . The practice was not faked, it is shown in great detail in the uncut version of the film.


  • Golden Ciak Awards 1987: Best Cinematography ( Migliore Fotografia ) for Giuseppe Lanci
  • Nastro d'Argento 1986: Nominated as best newcomer ( Migliore Attore Esordiente ) for Federico Pitzalis

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