Thief - Someday You Will Pay

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Original title Thief - Someday You Will Pay
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2017
length 63 minutes
Director Moritz Hellfritzsch
script Moritz Hellfritzsch
production Moritz Hellfritzsch,
Anna Piotrowski ,
Tommy Molotow
music Thomas Mattern

Thief - Someday You Will Pay is Moritz Hellfritzsch 's debut feature film . The low-budget mystery thriller or horror film premiered on October 13, 2017 at the 13th INDIGO Film Festival .


The unemployed Mario not only suffers from recurring nightmares, recently things have been disappearing in his apartment. At first just little things like lighters or underwear, then bedclothes and television, and finally even the bed in which Mario and his girlfriend Nadine sleep, vanishes overnight. After seeking help from the police in vain, Mario turns to the private detective Jan Rosenbach. The detective quarters himself in Mario's apartment overnight to observe any events and record them with the camera while his host sleeps in the next room. During the observation, Rosenbach suddenly hears noises whose origin he tries to trace. When he returns to his chair, there is suddenly a knife on the seat, which has a strange pull on him. While Rosenbach is looking at the knife, a hand with long fingernails suddenly reaches for him from behind.

The next morning the detective disappeared. At first Mario doesn't attach great importance to the disappearance, but when he looks at the video recordings from last night he is frightened: you can see Rosenbach cutting his throat with a knife! Now Mario asks the parapsychological investigator Dr. Justus Preuss for help, which Rosenbach had previously recommended to him. Preuss suspects that a poltergeist could be responsible for what happened in Mario's apartment and asks him to leave the apartment temporarily. Mario, who is overwhelmed with the situation, is happy to comply with the request. Preuss calmly watches the recordings of Preuss' suicide again and discovers a female, grinning figure who can be recognized for a brief moment.

Nadine, still wondering that the police obviously didn't want to help Mario, confronts him with her doubts and demands an explanation. Mario admits to having clashed with the law a few times, but credibly affirms that he has changed. The two make up. When Mario wakes up, Nadine has disappeared without a trace. Preuss tries to calm him down and intensifies his research. He visits his friend and mentor, Adrian Fux, and seeks advice. Fux, who is psychologically gifted, tells Preuss that the woman who Preuss discovered on the recordings could be a homeless person named Claudia Cesaro, which is why Preuss searches for clues in the relevant milieu. Eventually, he runs into a few homeless people who allegedly knew Claudia Cesaro and claim that she killed herself some time ago. She was also called "the witch". Preuss seeks out Mario again, who in the meantime has got drunk and is dissolving in self-pity. When Preuss asks him about Claudia Cesaro, Mario confesses to have known her.

This is followed by Mario's confession: a few years ago he was active as a burglar. Together with his buddy Vlad, he got into Claudia Cesaro's house and was attacked by the witch in the basement of her house. In the scuffle, Mario knocked over a candlestick and Cesaro's dress caught fire. He just ran away without helping. When his mother discovered him a little later with the (worthless) prey, the two of them quarreled and suffered a stroke. Since then she has been in a wheelchair and has to be looked after in a retirement home. Mario blames himself and collapses crying. Then Preuss suddenly disappeared too. While Mario is still wondering, his cell phone rings. A carer at the nursing home where his mother lives tells Mario that she has been missing for a few hours. Mario knows what that means. Preuss did not become the victim of the witch, but left Mario in the lurch because he does not want to end up like his colleague Rosenbach.

Mario is sitting in his apartment, which is now completely empty. He wants to light a cigarette but doesn't have a lighter. Resigned, he throws the cigarette on the floor and closes his eyes. The cigarette ignites as if by magic. The carpet catches fire. The witch in the afterlife laughs.


Director Hellfritzsch previously shot a. a. some short films, music videos (e.g. for the death metal band Jack Slater ) and the documentary Punk in Bonn - Der Film Vol. I (2012). Some people were interviewed who later played a key role in Thief's creation : Molotow Soda singer Tommy Molotow co-produced the film, In Fear Of Fear guitarist Thomas Mattern composed the score, Rabatz drummer René Lettkemann was the sound engineer and the band 131 made their rehearsal room available as a filming location.

The film, partly financed by crowdfunding , was shot in November and December 2015 in Bonn, u. a. in the old town, in Medinghoven and on Kaiserplatz. The main role of Mario was played by Yannick Hehlgans, his girlfriend was played by Judith Ponwitz, who had already gained experience as an actress for the Bonn University Shakespeare Group ( BUSC ). Co-leading actor Sebastian Badenberg had previously played in various independent splatter films, for example in Slasher (2007), Break - No Mercy, Just Pain! (2009) or King of the Cannibals (2016), and as an author a. a. wrote an episode for the radio play series Kommissar Dobranski . In supporting roles are u. a. the musicians Roland Michael Silk, Skaidra Müller-Paulus ( Tanzkommando ), Bonn Stomp initiator Dirk Geil ( Geil & the Pimps ) and Stephan Wolters ( Oddball's Band ), as well as novel author Tom Fuhrmann ( Das Erbe des Tantalos , The final number ) to see. Thania Rodriguez, who can be seen in Thief as a police officer, has a. a. starred in some rap videos.

The film music by Thomas Mattern ( Parklake ) was released on the record label Emerald & Doreen Recordings , and songs by the bands 131 , Grindhouse and Geil & the Pimps can also be heard in the film.

Thief premiered on October 13, 2017 at the INDIGO Filmfest in Bardenbach , the Bonn premiere took place on February 17, 2018 at Kult41 .

On December 15, the film was released in a limited mini-edition on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, two days later Hellfritzsch's short novel The Return of the Witches was published , which is a spin-off from Thief and in which parapsychologist Justus Preuss also appears.


  • Thomas Mayer from HANDLE ME DOWN described Thief as "[...] a pleasantly reduced mystery thriller that largely ignores conventional patterns " and found not only praise but also critical words: " Instead of conventional showmanship, Hellfritzsch relies on exploring the mystery part. That works with Mario's recurring nightmare scenarios, carefully heightened potential for danger and Preuss 'search for traces leading to Mario's past properly, but mainly lives from the fundamentally convincing play of Yannik Hehlgans'. The rest of the cast can't keep up, so the dialogues in text and performance often reminds one of scripted reality formats from relevant private TV channels. That doesn't shake the strip's popularity rating in the least. "Mayer awarded Thief 6.5 out of 10 possible stars.
  • Gitta List from the Bonn city magazine Schnüss wrote about the film: "[...] The film is a low-budget production, a horror genre flick with an announcement, and it's as solidly redeemed as the Nutella guarantee: everything is included It says. Shock, game, tension, 60 minutes long. Best low-budget quality, with that »slightly imperfect touch« that is inherent in such a production and has handled the Hellfritzsch so confidently that one can only say: Chapeau. "
  • The American Cinema Head Cheese author John Beutler praised Hellfritzsch's direction and the leading actor, but also criticized the performance of some supporting actors. Overall, the advantages would outweigh the shortcomings: " Director Moritz Hellfritzsch [...] does so very much with so very little. [...] [T] the bright spot of the film [...] is the very believable and relatable performance by Yannick Hehlgans, as the hapless and frustrated Mario. [...] [T] he supporting cast, for the most part performance-wise, is fairly adequate, though a bit pedestrian and clichéd. [...] [B] ut like any superior work, the merits outweigh the flaws. A small, tarnished gem of a debut [...]. "
  • Dominik Raith from the film magazine Deadline focused his criticism on the meta-level of the film: "[...] Objects lose meaning, meaning and ultimately even physique. Everything feels strange and unreal. There is a huge gap to fellow human beings, and Mario is mentally drifting like an ice floe into the icy ocean. It all sounds like a metaphor. For dehumanization or getting lost in the world. For creeping depression or sliding into madness. And THIEF understands it through its reduced but uneasiness stirring visual language to arouse just such associations. "

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