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Thomas Andreas Bigliel (born February 9, 1986 in Chur ; legal resident in Disentis / Mustér ) is a Swiss politician ( FDP ). He is a member of the Bündner canton parliament .

education and profession

Bigliel trained as a designer and then switched to journalism. Among other things, he was the managing director of the transparency platform .

In 2013 Bigliel achieved national fame when he was able to prove to the Council of States several errors in the voting process (see also: Stöckligate controversy ). Due to public pressure, the Council of States decided not to vote by show of hands anymore and supported a parliamentary initiative to introduce an electronic voting system. Bigliel triggered a similarly large response with the regular publication of an absence list, which for the first time recorded the absences of the individual members of the National Council and subsequently led to an increase in the discipline of attendance. Bigliel later also worked as an editor for the commuter newspaper “ 20 Minuten ”.

Bigliel holds a diploma. Technician / Ing.EurEta. He is the recipient of the Grimme Online Awards .


In 2008 Bigliel joined the Bündner Jungfreisinn, which he headed between 2009 and 2014 as Secretary General and later as President. In 2009 he was elected to the board of the FDP Five Villages and played a key role in the introduction of ethics classes in schools in Graubünden. Since 2018 he has been President of the FDP Landquart and a member of the Grand Council of the Canton of Graubünden .


The Bigliels are an old Graubünden family who at times played a central role in the politics of the Gray League in the 17th century . The highest office of the Federation was that of the district judge, who was re-elected every two years. The coats of arms of the 72 district judges of the Gray League are recorded in the district judge's hall of Cuort Ligia Grischa ; including the family coat of arms of the Bigliels.

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