Death on a summer night

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German title Death on a summer night
Original title One Hot Summer Night
The Trophy Wife's Secret
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 85 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director James A. Contner
script Michael O'Hara
production Lawrence Horowitz ,
Tracey Jeffrey ,
Michael O'Hara
music Stacy Widelitz
camera Peter Benison
cut Thomas Fries

Death on a summer night is a American thriller by James A. Contner from the year 1998 . Erika Eleniak played one of the main roles .


The first scene shows that a masked man shoots Art Brooks in his house. Then he calls someone; when a male voice answers, he coughs twice and breaks the connection. Then the funeral is shown, then you can see the events that occurred two years earlier in a flashback.

Marketing professional Kelly Moore gets to know the wealthy Art Brooks she works for. He surprises her with an offer to get married in Las Vegas at short notice . Later he presented her with a marriage contract, which her lawyer Richard Linsky considered unfavorable. Kelly doesn't notice Art's drinking problems until after the wedding. He doses her dress with his drink when she refuses to change her dress for an event.

In another flashback, Linsky tells how his affair with Kelly began. She was beaten up by Art, Richard comforted her. A little later she moved to Linsky.

Vincent DeVille turns to Linsky and says Art Brooks hired him to kill the lawyer. However, he could kill Art Brooks for an increased fee. Linsky is undecided.

Art Brooks is killed, the police arrest De Ville. De Ville's statements during the trial indicate the widow's complicity. Linsky then claims it was his fault. He is convicted, Kelly is acquitted.

In the last scene you see Kelly and the investigating police detective Mingus sitting at the table somewhere in Germany. De Ville is dancing with a woman nearby. Mingus asks Kelly how she could be so sure that Richard would take the blame. She replies that the men always find her in need of help.


  • The editors of wrote that the thriller was "cleverly built". It offers surprising turns of the plot.
  • TV Spielfilm magazine wrote that the thriller was "embarrassing".


The film was shot in Vancouver , Canada . It was first published in the US on March 12, 1998, and in Sweden on August 21, 2000.

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