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Beam (girder) on 2 supports
Wooden ceiling with a profiled support beam made of fir wood in Selva Castle

In civil engineering, a girder is a mostly horizontal beam , which is narrow and slender in relation to its length and which transfers the loads on it to walls or vertical supports . Unlike an arch , a girder is primarily subjected to bending loads. Due to its low tensile strength , stone is unsuitable as a material. Materials with high tensile strengths such as wood, metal or prestressed concrete are required .

Beams that span wall openings are called lintels .

In the structural analysis , the behavior of the beams is treated in the field of beam theory .


The Doric , Ionic and Corinthian columns of the ancient Greek temples are very close, as stone beams do not allow large spans. At the Parthenon in Athens, the mighty marble supports only span a length of 4 m. The roof itself was made of wood.

Bridge girder

Special girders for bridges, most of which are named after their inventor or their shape:

Other carriers

Individual evidence

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