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Logo since 2009

Logo since 2009
Traitor (2018)
Traitor (2018)
General information
origin Balingen , Germany
Genre (s) Thrash metal
founding 2004 as Patricide
2004 as Premature Burial
2009 as Traitor
Founding members
Andreas Mozer
Gerd Hery
Current occupation
Andreas Mozer
Gerd Hery
Bass , backing vocals
Lorenz Kandolf (since 2009)
Guitar, backing vocals
Matthias Koch (since 2013)
former members
Robin Mauser (2005–2012)
Bass, vocals
Tobias Durst (2006-2009)
Andreas Burt (2010)

Traitor is a German thrash metal band that was founded in 2004 as Patricide in Balingen .


The band was founded in 2004 by Andreas Mozer and Gerd Hery as Patricide. With the name Premature Burial, which was renamed in the same year, Robin Mauser and then Tobias Durst were added. Various appearances were played in this line-up and a demo was recorded. In 2009 the name was changed to Traitor. Tobias Durst left the band in the same year. The demo EP Thrash Metal Victory was recorded as a trio . In the same year the live demo Inlcination to Aggression was recorded , which was recorded at the Heavy Metal Madness Festival in Balingen .

In 2012 , the first album Thrash Command was recorded in the Maranis Studio in Backnang , in collaboration with Vagelis Maranis (ex- Sanvoisen ), and released through self-distribution. The cover is by Andreas Marschall . Shortly thereafter, Robin Mauser left the band. Matthias Koch came for him. In 2013 the American label Stormspell Records reissued the album Thrash Command for the American market. This release contained previously unreleased demos of the songs. In the same year, the contract was signed with the Violent Creek Records label, with worldwide distribution via Soulfood . The first release was the reissue of the first album Thrash Command , together with the live DVD Live Beyond the Command , recorded in Contrast in Konstanz .

In 2015 the second album Venomizer was released , also recorded and produced by Vagelis Maranis. It also includes a guest contribution by Hate Squad singer Burkhard Schmitt. Appearances followed, including shows at the Bang Your Head festivals and at Summer Breeze . In 2018 the album Knee-Deep in the Dead will be released . This was also recorded and produced by Vagelis Maranis. It includes a guest contribution by Suicidal Angels guitarist Gus Drax. The cover is by cover artist Ed Repka . Highlights this year included appearances at the Rock Hard Festival , the Wacken Open Air and the World Turbo Youth Days.

In 2019, the anniversary box set Decade of Revival will be released , which will include an EP with four new songs, a live album that was recorded at the Rock Hard Festival 2018 and a live DVD that documents the performance at the Wacken Open Air 2018. The double-sided cover is by Pär Olofsson.


Traitor plays thrash metal in the style of the 1980s. The Rock Hard certifies in a review (issue # 304), "such an authentic journey into the Teutonic Thrash heyday that you really have to take your hat off". In terms of style, parallels were often made with other bands of the 80s, such as Kreator , Sodom or Destruction .

Marek Protzak from wrote in a review, "[...] in its best moments," Thrash Command ", also thanks to Andreas Mozer's nagging, actually approximates the intensity of Kreator". The Metal Hammer wrote in this regard: “With the traditional attitude of idols like - of course: exclusively early ones - Metallica , Exodus , Anthrax , Slayer , Kreator or Sodom on the one hand, and youthful, brisk élan and contemporary production on the other, Traitor shredded theirs third album, as if there was no tomorrow. "

All three of the band's albums received mostly good reviews in the national and international specialist press.

For example, the second album Venomizer in Visions Magazine (issue no. 273) reached second place in the soundcheck and was one of the albums of the week. The review stated, “Venomizer is a pure-hearted old-school Thrash Metal album; Uptempo riffing, head to head with guitar solos and double-bass bludgeoning, in other words: twelve songs long nutritious things for professional headbangers ”. The Rock Hard magazine could also be convinced. Ronny Bittner wrote in issue # 343 “Watch out, dear Thrash acts - here comes someone who steals the show from you. The Balinger TRAITOR play the most convincing New-Old-School-Thrash that I've come across in a long time ”.

Knee-Deep in the Dead achieved 4 out of 5 points for the Austrian Stormbringer . The OX fanzine took a liking to the “massive production” According to Vampster , “Knee-Deep In The Dead simply belongs in the collection of every Thrasher”. The band was also voted "Newcomer of the Year 2015" in the Rock Hard reader survey in issue # 346.



  • 2012: Thrash Command (self-published)
  • 2013: Thrash Command (US reissue) (Stormspell Records)
  • 2014: Thrash Command + Live Beyond the Command ( Violent Creek Records / Soulfood )
  • 2015: Venomizer (Violent Creek Records / Soulfood)
  • 2018: Knee-Deep in the Dead (Violent Creek Records / Soulfood)


  • 2007: Premature Burial (as Premature Burial)
  • 2008: MAIK (as Premature Burial)
  • 2009: Thrash Metal Victory
  • 2009: Inclination to Aggression (Live Demo)
  • 2010: Nuclear Combat


  • 2013: Saarland Underground Metal Sampler (Sampler contribution with "Death Division")
  • 2013: Undergrounded Sampler No.2 (Sampler contribution with "Raising Hell")
  • 2014: Southern Devastation (Split-CD)
  • 2015: Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 041 (supplement)
  • 2019: Decade Of Revival (Boxset) (Violent Creek Records / Soulfood)

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