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Zone meridian 52 ° 30'E

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Time zones

UTC + 3.30 is a zone time which has the longitude semicircle 52 ° 30 'East as the reference meridian. On watches with this zone time, it is three and a half hours later than Coordinated Universal Time and two and a half hours later than CET .

UTC + 3: 30 applies in Iran only in the winter half-year. The only time zone of this zone time is therefore also called Iran Standard Time . Between March and September, summer time in Iran is UTC + 4:30 . The reference meridian is the longitude 52.5 ° East. The same meridian also defines the Iranian calendar .

UTC + 3.30:
  • South Summer / North Standard Time
  • Sea area
  • North Summer / South Standard Time
  • Standard time all year round
  • Summer time regulation

    In 2005 the summer time, called Iran Daylight Time (IRDT), was suspended due to a resolution by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and was only reintroduced on March 21, 2008 by the Iranian parliament .

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