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UTC − 111Name

Zone meridian 165 ° W

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Time zones
UTC − 11:
  • South Summer / North Standard Time
  • Sea area
  • North Summer / South Standard Time
  • Standard time all year round
  • UTC − 11 is a zone time which has the longitude semicircle 165 ° W as the reference meridian. On watches with this zone time, it is eleven hours earlier than Coordinated Universal Time and twelve hours earlier than CET . This semicircle of longitude is also the reference meridian of UTC + 13 . The time difference between UTC + 13 and UTC − 11 is exactly 24 hours. Therefore, the time, but not the date, is the same in both time zones.


    UTC − 11 is only used by a few islands in the Pacific. Until 2009 there were no summer time regulations. Samoa introduced daylight saving time for the first time on October 4, 2009 and was UTC − 10 from October to March . Samoa changed the date after December 29, 2011 to December 31, moving to the west side of the date line .

    All year round

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