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UTC + 41Name

Zone meridian 60 ° E

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NATO DTG D (delta)

Time zones

Standard time

  • Armenia Standard Time (AMST)
  • Azerbaijan Time (AZT)
  • Georgia Standard Time (GET)
  • Gulf Standard Time (GST)
  • Îles Crozet Time (ICT)
  • Mauritius Time (MUT)
  • Reunion Time (RET)
  • Seychelles Time (SCT)Template: Infobox time zone / old

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UTC + 4:
  • South Summer / North Standard Time
  • Sea area
  • North Summer / South Standard Time
  • Standard time all year round
  • UTC + 4 is a zone time which has the longitude semicircle 60 ° East as the reference meridian. On watches with this zone time, it is four hours later than Coordinated Universal Time and three hours later than CET .

    The largest city in this time zone is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with over three million inhabitants.

    Scope (all year round)

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