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Surveying technician is a training occupation and a job title in surveying in Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany.

In status, surveyors are equivalent to a technical employee . You carry out most of the field work and the subsequent calculations in surveying offices or offices . Thanks to their training, they are able to work independently. You only need the support of a surveyor for particularly difficult tasks .

The main task is data acquisition for

In the office and back office, they evaluate the collected measurement data on the computer and use the appropriate graphics and printing technology to process them into maps and plans.



Structure of occupations in geographic information technology

The training occupation is recognized in accordance with the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) and, in addition to the geomatic engineer, is part of the vocational training in geoinformation . On August 1, 2010, a joint training regulation for the fields of surveying and mountain surveying came into force.

The training lasts three years and takes place in the dual system at vocational schools and in training companies. It mainly takes place in the public service (authorities for geographic information), with publicly appointed surveyors (ÖbVI) and private engineering offices. In-company training is accompanied by vocational training in specialist theory and general subjects. A certain previous school education is not required; at least a good secondary school certificate is expected from the training centers.


According to the general training plan, a joint qualification with the geomatics takes place in the first year of training. The focus is on legal and administrative regulations, the fundamentals of geographic information and processes of geodata management (recording, processing, evaluating, visualizing data). In the second year, job-specific knowledge of surveying methodology such as handling instruments and geographic information systems or calculations and visualization options are imparted. After all, in the third year the focus is on the respective subject.


In the third year of training, more specific training takes place in one of the two established fields of surveying or mountain surveying.

In the field of surveying, the focus is on technical surveying, real estate cadastre and building regulations. In the field of mountain surveying, mining-specific surveying methods, the recording and representation of deposits and mining technology are taught.

final exam

A written intermediate examination takes place at the beginning of the second year of training. At the end of the training there is a final exam , which consists of four practical parts and a technical discussion. In the practical part, the examinee should either carry out and document an operational assignment or advise on case studies and tasks. Successful attendance at the vocational school is also certified with a diploma. This is a prerequisite for admission to the technical college if you have obtained the secondary school certificate I (secondary school qualification) and successfully passed the final examination.


As in Germany, in Austria the official designation according to the Vocational Training Act (BAG) is surveying technician . There are no specializations to choose from and the focus is more on the area of ​​land surveying, with the associated training content being largely identical to that in Germany. Surveying technology apprentices go through a three-and-a-half year dual training course and finish it with the final apprenticeship examination . In Austria, this examination also enables access to the vocational school-leaving certificate (Berufsreifeprüfung) and subsequently to higher qualifications at colleges, technical colleges and universities. Some academic training courses are offered in the field of geographic information and data management. Surveying technicians can work independently in the field of technical engineers through courses and after passing the proficiency test.

Field of activity

The tasks of a surveyor are in the office and in the field. Computer-aided measuring methods are increasingly reducing the time required in the field, which means that often only one surveyor is required in the field of private offices. As a result, an employee has their own surveying jobs for which they are responsible.

Individual evidence

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