Building surveying

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Measuring chain and angle cross : After Carolus Stephanus and Johannes Liebhaltus, Strasbourg 1579.

The tasks of construction surveying are the responsibility of a consulted or employed geodesist for large construction sites , and a civil engineer or the site manager or site manager for smaller construction projects . Smaller stakeout usually takes the polishing before.

The construction survey usually includes work in the following order:

  • Creation of a surveying network around the construction site
  • Construction site equipment: v..a. Mark the building lines and the height reference
  • Staking out the basement and important building corners, batter boards
  • Construction inspection and final measurement.

Creation of the surveying network

Setting out the structure

Staking out is the transfer of important lines and heights of the building plan into the terrain or on the property. These points are marketed with paint, measuring mark, nail or peg . The usual order is:

Accompanying and concluding work

The work in the land register (e.g. a plot of land division or boundary determination) is sometimes required before the application for a building permit and must be carried out by an authorized surveyor - e. B. a civil engineer - are made.

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