Vermilion (Ohio)

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Vermilion (Ohio)
Location in Ohio
Basic data
Foundation : 1834
State : United States
State : Ohio
Counties : Erie County
Lorain County
Coordinates : 41 ° 24 ′  N , 82 ° 19 ′  W Coordinates: 41 ° 24 ′  N , 82 ° 19 ′  W
Time zone : Eastern ( UTC − 5 / −4 )
Residents : 10,478 (as of: 2014 estimate)
Population density : 379.6 inhabitants per km 2
Area : 28.0 km 2  (approx. 11 mi 2 ) of
which 27.6 km 2  (approx. 11 mi 2 ) are land
Height : 181 m
Postcodes : 44001, 44089
Area code : +1 440
FIPS : 39-79716
GNIS ID : 1049274
Website :
Mayor : Eileen Bulan

Vermilion is a city with a status of " City " that is partly in Erie County and partly in Lorain County in the US state of Ohio . The place has 10,478 inhabitants (2014).


Vermilion is located 55 kilometers west of Cleveland and 100 kilometers east of Toledo on the south shore of Lake Erie . The Vermilion River flows through the city and flows into Lake Erie. Interstate 90 passes to the south .


Vermilion lighthouse
Woollybear caterpillar ( Pyrrharctia isabella )

The area was indigenous to the Erie Indians . Due to its favorable location on Lake Erie, fishermen and seafarers settled in the place that built a port facility in the mid- 19th century . In 1877 the construction of a lighthouse was completed. Vermilion was a sought-after place for the illegal alcohol trade between the United States and Canada during the prohibition era . The name of the place goes back to the Vermilion River flowing through the city. The main livelihood of the inhabitants in the 20th century was the building of ships and the trade in fishery products.

In recent times the place has become increasingly attractive as a retirement home, has been active in tourism with various water sports and fishing offers and advertises with the motto A Small Town on a Great Lake (A small town on a great lake). A three-day fishing festival attracts many visitors every year.

Another tourist attraction in Vermilion is the Woollybear Festival held each fall . Here, the stands caterpillar of the bears spinners scoring Butterfly Pyrrharctia isabella center stage. A Folklore says that the extent of the red-brown and black hair gives up the stick in the autumn a prediction on the intensity of the coming winter. It is assumed that if the red-brown stripe is wide, the winter will be mild and if the red-brown stripe is narrow, the winter will be very cold. There is no scientific justification for this theory, but this does not affect the increasing popularity of the event. The city was probably looking for an occasion to organize a folk festival, whereby the animal / weather combination is particularly suitable. Most famous in the United States in this regard is Groundhog Day .

A large number of ancient and historically valuable buildings have been preserved in Vermilion, most of them the homes of former ship captains . In the National Register of Historic Places in Vermilion, Ohio , these buildings are listed. These include:

Demographic data

In 2014 a population of 10,478 people was determined. This means a decrease of 4.1% compared to 2000. The average age in 2014 was 47.3 years, well above Ohio's 39.3 years.

sons and daughters of the town

Individual evidence

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