Preparation (cooking)

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The preparation is part of the process in the preparation of food and beverages .

During preparation, inedible, taste-impairing and nutritionally worthless components are removed from food and the shape and consistency of these are changed. The aim is to bring the raw materials into the suitable condition required for their preparation.

Basic procedure of preparation

A form of differentiation of the applied procedures divides them according to the working techniques:

Archetypes of matter

With the original shaping, pulpy and creamy foods are changed so that the shape obtained meets the requirements of preparation, taste and recipe.

Fabric separation

With the separation of substances you clean the food of adhering dirt and harmful substances. In addition, inedible or taste-impairing parts of the food are detached. There are also processing steps that adapt foods to the recipes and preparation methods.

Shredding fabric

When shredding food, chunky food is broken down into small components by mechanical processing. The aim is to enlarge the shape and surface of the food by shredding it.

Loosening the fabric

The loosening of substances is achieved through microbial processes, the addition of chemicals and mechanical processing.

Combine material

When mixing foods, different substances are combined with the aim of influencing the taste and consistency of the dish. Typical for this are different starting products that develop new properties through mixing. A distinction is made between mixing by “concentration gradient” ( osmosis ), mass movement by mechanical forces and both work steps.

Fabric coating

The purpose of coating is to facilitate further preparation processes and to improve the taste and appearance of foods.

Fabric joining

The mechanical pressing of food into other food to be cooked is called joining of substances.


Preparing food is a prerequisite for cooking and baking . While some of the work steps only take place shortly before preparation in the kitchen, other processes are carried out separately. The preparation of meat and fish is often done by traders and professionals while fruits as semi-finished products ( convenience food ) are offered. As a result, the effort involved in preparing meals and dishes is becoming less and less important in the kitchen. Previously, these work steps required 20% to 25% of the total preparation time.


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