Wenceslaus III (Liegnitz-Ohlau)

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Wenceslaus III von Ohlau (also Ludwig III. von Liegnitz-Ohlau ; * 1400 , † 1423 ) was from 1420 until his death in 1423 together with his younger brother Ludwig III. Duke of Liegnitz and Ohlau and Lord of Nimptsch . He was a feudal man of the Crown of Bohemia and came from the Liegnitz branch of the Silesian Piasts .


His parents were Duke Heinrich IX. († 1417/20) and Anna († 1403), a daughter of Duke Przemislaus I.

After the death of his father in 1419/20 Wenceslaus III inherited. together with the younger brother Ludwig III. Ohlau and Nimptsch, while Lüben and Haynau fell to the oldest brother Ruprecht II . In the same year they paid homage to their sovereign, the Bohemian King Sigismund .

As early as 1420, the three brothers signed an inheritance contract with Duke Ludwig II of Liegnitz , who was a stepbrother of their father, with which they were to inherit their uncle in the event of his childless death. At the mutual eventual homage carried out in 1424 Wenceslaus III. no longer participated, as he had died in 1423.

Since Wenceslaus III. and also the brother Rupprecht II, who died in 1431, left no heirs, their entire property passed to the youngest brother Ludwig III. After the death of his uncle Ludwig II, he led lengthy inheritance disputes, which triggered the Liegnitz feudal dispute that lasted until 1469 .


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