Wenzel Robert von Gallenberg

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Count Wenzel Robert von Gallenberg (born December 28, 1783 in Vienna , † March 13, 1839 in Rome ) was an Austrian composer , artistic director and creator of ballet music .


Gallenberg studied with Johann Georg Albrechtsberger . In 1803 he married Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, whom Beethoven loved . In 1805 he moved to Naples with his wife and composed the music for the celebration for Joseph Bonaparte . After a short time he was called to the Teatro San Carlo (at that time the court theater), where he should be won over to improve the level and expand the repertoire. In 1816 he became royal director of the Neapolitan theaters until Gioachino Rossini took over this position.

From 1821 to 1823 he was co-director of Domenico Barbaja , the then impresario of the court theater in Vienna . Gallenberg was entrusted with the management in October 1828, which he resigned in May 1830 for lack of financial means, and returned to Naples, where he again worked as a composer of ballets and as a director under Barbaja. In 1838 he was again director of the Teatro San Carlo.

Gallenberg was also a fruitful composer himself. He composed not only forty or fifty ballets, but also overtures, fantasies, marches, as well as a sonata and other pieces for piano.


  • Samson
  • Arsinoe and Telemachus
  • Hamlet
  • Alfred the Great
  • Joan of Arc
  • Ismann's grave
  • The Cairo Caravan
  • Caesar in Egypt
  • Theodosia
  • Agnes and Fitz Henry
  • Il Ratto di Latona
  • fist


Graf Gallenberg had several children, including sons

  • Count Hugo von Gallenberg (born August 22, 1805 in Naples), pastor in Groß Tajax in Moravia , wrote a book about Leonardo da Vinci (Leipzig 1834),
  • Count Friedrich von Gallenberg (born December 29, 1809 - † October 16, 1862),
  • Count Joseph von Gallenberg (born August 1, 1811, † March 7, 1858), Imperial Colonel,
  • Count Hector von Gallenberg (born January 7, 1813, † December 27, 1864), Imperial Chamberlain,
  • Count Alexander von Gallenberg (born August 22, 1816, † October 7, 1893 in Vienna).


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