White Water Racing World Championships 2017

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The canoe Whitewater Sprint World Championships in 2017 were from 23 September to 1 October 2017 in the French Pau instead. It was the fourth pure sprint world championships in white water racing . It was the first joint whitewater world championships for whitewater racers and whitewater slalom canoeing since the world championships in whitewater racing and whitewater slalom were separated in 1995/1996.

A total of eleven competitions were held, for the men an individual and a team decision in a single kayak (K1), single canoe (C1) and two-person canoe (C2) and for the women an individual and team decision in a single kayak. Kayak and single canoe as well as an individual decision in two-person canoe. The most successful nation by far was host France.




competition gold time silver time bronze time
K-1 SloveniaSlovenia Anze Urankar 45.95 SloveniaSlovenia Nejc Znidarcic 46.34 FranceFrance Gaetan Guyonnet 46.54
K-1 team FranceFrance France
Gaetan Guyonnet
Paul Graton
Clement Faure
49.11 SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia
Simon Oven
Anze Urankar
Nejc Znidarcic
49.99 GermanyGermany Germany
Yannic Lemmen
Björn Beerschwenger
Björn Barthel


competition gold time silver time bronze time
C-1 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Ondrej Rolenc 50.29 SlovakiaSlovakia Matej Benus 50.47 SloveniaSlovenia Blaz Cof 51.26
C-1 team FranceFrance France
Quentin Dazeur
Louis Lapointe
Ancelin Gourjault
53.50 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Ondrej Rolenc
Antonin Hales
Vladimir Slanina
53.57 SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia
Blaz Cof
Simeon Hocevar
Luka Zganjar
C-2 FranceFrance France
Quentin Dazeur
Stephane Santamaria
49.39 FranceFrance France
Tony Debray
Louis Lapointe
50.01 FranceFrance France
Damien Mareau
Pierre Troubady
C-2 team FranceFrance France
Tony Debray
Louis Lapointe
Damien Mareau
Pierre Troubady
Quentin Dazeur
Stephane Santamaria
53.18 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Antonin Hales
Martin Novask
Marek Rygel
Petr Vesely
Michael Sramek
Lukas Tomek
56.81 ItalyItaly Italy
Vladi Panato
Federico Fasoli
Mattia Quintarelli
Giorgio Dell'Agostino
Paolo Razzauti
Stefano Cipressi



competition gold time silver time bronze time
K-1 FranceFrance Claire Bren 51.73 FranceFrance Manon Hostens 51.91 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Hannah Brown 52.37
K-1 team FranceFrance France
Claire Bren
Manon Hostens
Phenicia Dupras
56.51 ItalyItaly Italy
Giulia Formenton
Beatrice Grasso
Mathilde Rosa
58.69 GermanyGermany Germany
Sabine Füßer
Lisa Köstle
Alke Overbeck


competition gold time silver time bronze time
C-1 FranceFrance Claire Haab 58.45 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Martina Satkova 58.94 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Marie Nemcova 59.29
C-1 team Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Martina Satkova
Radka Valikova
Marie Nemcova
66.70 FranceFrance France
Manon Durand
Claire Haab
Cindy Coat
69.25 GermanyGermany Germany
Maren Lutz
Lea Sophie Barth
Sabrina Barm
C-2 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Anezka Paloudova
Marie Nemcova
59.26 FranceFrance France
Manon Durand
Cindy Coat
59.67 SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia
Barbora Kortisova
Katarina Kopunova

Medal table

space country gold silver bronze total
1 FranceFrance France 7th 4th 2 13
2 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 3 3 1 7th
3 SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia 1 2 2 5
4th ItalyItaly Italy - 1 1 2
SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia - 1 1 2
6th GermanyGermany Germany - - 3 3
7th United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom - - 1 1
total 11 11 11 33

Individual evidence

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