Wilhelm Kaspers

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Wilhelm Kaspers (born January 8, 1890 in Cologne , † April 4, 1961 ) was a German researcher of place names .


Kasper's visit in Cologne urban secondary school in the cross street. There he obtained his Abitur in 1909 . From 1909 to 1914 he studied Germanic philology at the University of Bonn and also received his doctorate there. In 1908 he joined the Bonner Wingolf and in 1910 the Munster Wingolf. After teaching posts in Schleiden (Eifel) , Cologne and Benrath , he came to Kettwig (Ruhr) and Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1927 . From 1946 he was senior director of studies in Düren at the Stiftisches Gymnasium . He also became chairman of the Düren history association.

After completing his studies , Kaspers attended August Wilmanns' lectures and began doing scientific work. His first publications date from 1912. Then he devoted himself to his dissertation on northern French place names.


His complete works include around 90 publications. These include a .:

In the magazine for place name research

  • North French place names (1914)
  • The hamlets of the Cologne area (1925)
  • Investigations on the Rhenish -ingen locations (1927–1935)
  • The -acum place names in Alsace-Lorraine (1936)
  • Place names from the Cologne area and the Rhineland (1941–1943)

Individual publications

  • Schematism of the Franconian settlements and their names (1938)
  • System of political names in France (1938)
  • Sense groups of Rhenish place names (1948)
  • The place names of the Düren area in their settlement history meaning (1949)
  • Investigations into the political place names of the Franconian Empire (1950)

In the "Articles on Name Research"

  • A New Matron Name (1956)
  • The name Montjoie and its different meanings (1958)
  • Change from sacred names and expressions to profane meaning in the Rhineland (1959)
  • Stavelot (Stablo) and Malmedy as sacred monastery names (1960)
  • The river name Agger (1961)
  • The palatization of the Latin c in Rhenish Celto-Roman place names (1961)