Wilhelm Rinck von Baldenstein

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Wilhelm Rinck von Baldenstein (* 1566 ; † October 23, 1628 in Porrentruy ) was Bishop of Basel from 1608 to 1628 .


Wilhelm comes from the Graubünden noble family Ringg von Baldenstein . His father Georg Rinck von Baldenstein was Vogt of the Abbot of St. Gallen , his mother Anastasia Blarerer von Wartenstein was a sister of the Basel Bishop Jakob Christoph Blarer von Wartensee .

His uncle sent him to study at the Jesuit University in Dillingen , Würzburg and Dijon . Wilhelm was 1589 canon , 1600 domkustos and then Domdekan in Basel . On May 19, 1608, the cathedral chapter elected him to succeed his uncle as Bishop of Basel; the papal confirmation took place on February 4, 1609. The papal nuncio in Switzerland, Ladislao d'Aquino, consecrated him on July 22, 1609 in the Jesuit church from Porrentruy to the bishop.

In 1610, Rinck von Baldenstein renewed the alliance with the Catholic federal cantons that his predecessor had concluded in 1576. A few years later, the diocese joined the Catholic League . When Ernst von Masfeld's troops devastated Upper Alsace in 1621, Wilhelm granted the Jesuits who had fled Hagenau and Molsheim refuge in Porrentruy. To protect the city Porrentruy was fortified and took on a garrison. The billeting of imperial troops could be averted by high monetary payments. Rinck von Baldenstein continued the reforms started by his uncle and the re-Catholicization of the diocese. In the south of the Jura he had to withdraw his priests under pressure from Bern , the Catholic cantons did not support him, but the re-Catholicization of Birseck was completed in 1627. Negotiations with Besançon about an area swap that would have brought Porrentruy to the diocese of Basel failed. Wilhelm promoted the Jesuits and Capuchins . In 1619 he called Ursulines to Porrentruy and entrusted them with the education of girls. He set up a foundation at the Jesuit College. After his death on October 23, 1628, he was buried at the side of his uncle in the Jesuit church in Porrentruy.


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