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Wilhelm Straßburger ( July 12, 1907 - December 21, 1991 ) was a German football player . In September and November 1930, the Duisburg SpV winger completed two international matches in the German national soccer team .



From 1925 to 1940, Straßburger belonged exclusively to the Duisburger SpV , for which he was used until 1933 in the district championships organized by the West German Game Association in the district class of the Lower Rhine and from 1929/30 in the district league. In the Gauliga Niederrhein, which was newly introduced from the 1933/34 season as one of initially 16, later increased to 23 Gauligen at the time of National Socialism as the uniform top division in the German Reich , he was not represented with his club, he played with the "red blouses" of the DSV in the district class, now the 2nd league. In 1933/34 Duisburg Hamborn 07, TuS Duisburg 48/99 and FV Duisburg 08 competed in the Gauliga Niederrhein, the West German old master DSV did not achieve the acceptance.

The trained locksmith could be used on both wing positions and only switched back to defense at the end of his career. In the last game of the DSV in its era in the final round of the German football championship , on May 8, 1927 against BSC Kickers 1900 in Berlin, he was not used in the 4-5 defeat after extra time. Whether Strasbourg took part in the finals for the Niederrhein Championship in 1928 against Preußen Krefeld (2-4, 3-4) cannot be proven from the available literature on the specific topic, as no player names are listed there.

National team

The winger of the Duisburg game club was used in the national cup on October 13, 1929 in Dortmund in the game of the selection of West Germany against North Germany (1: 4) on right winger . Despite the defeat, he convinced at the side of his club colleague Hans Gruber . In the first international game of the 1930/31 season, Strasbourg debuted on September 7, 1930 in Copenhagen against the national team of Denmark in the German national team. He stormed in a 3: 6 defeat on the right wing and with Reinhold Munzenberg and Karl Hohmann made their debut two other players who were facing a great international career. The second international match of Strasbourg ended on November 2, 1930 with 1: 1 in Breslau against the national team of Norway , when the man from Duisburg stormed on the left wing. Ernst Albrecht , Ludwig Lachner , Hohmann and Captain Richard Hofmann completed the attack. Due to the outstanding competition on the right wing in the person of Ernst Albrecht and Ernst Lehner , no further national team appearances followed for Strasbourg.

For West Germany he ran for the last time on October 9, 1932 in Gladbeck in a 2: 3 defeat against Southeast Germany on right winger alongside teammates like Fritz Szepan and Ernst Kuzorra .

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