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X-Mix is a ten-part compilation series published between 1993 and 1998 by the Berlin label Studio K7 . It represented the successor series of the three-part 3Lux publications, which were dedicated to the visualization of electronic music for the first time .

The concept was to visually represent electronic music using computer animation.

While the focus of the 3Lux series was still on the visuals, X-Mix releases concentrated primarily on the music mixes that were performed by well-known DJs such as Laurent Garnier , John Acquaviva , Ken Ishii or Dave Clarke in the areas of acid , Techno , Trance and Electro were produced. Thus, in addition to VHS, the series was also released on CD and vinyl and later also on DVD.


Mix albums
number title DJ date
X-Mix 1 The MFS trip Paul van Dyk 23rd August 1993
X-Mix 2 Destination Planet Dream Laurent Garnier April 18, 1994
X-Mix 3 Enter digital reality Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva November 14, 1994
X-Mix 4 Beyond The Heavens Dave Angel April 24, 1995
X-Mix 5 Wild style DJ Hell November 3, 1995
X-Mix 6 The Electronic Storm Mr. C April 22, 1996
X-Mix 7 Electro boogie Dave Clarke November 4, 1996
X-Mix 8 Fast Forward & Rewind Ken Ishii April 14, 1997
X-Mix 9 Transmission From Deep Space Radio Kevin Saunderson September 22, 1997
X-Mix 10 Jack The Box Hard floor May 4, 1998
DVD compilations
number date
X-Mix I DVD March 1, 2002
X-Mix II DVD March 4, 2002
X-Mix III DVD April 29, 2002

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