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Spruce cone root (Strobilurus esculentus)

Spruce cone root ( Strobilurus esculentus )

Subdivision : Agaricomycotina
Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : Agaricomycetidae
Order : Mushroom-like (Agaricales)
Family : Physalacriaceae
Genre : Cones
Scientific name

The cone carrots or nail sponges ( Strobilurus ) are a genus of fungi from the family of bark sponges . They form small fruiting bodies that often appear on cones of spruce or pine trees immediately after the snow has melted . The name Strobilurus given to this genus by Rolf Singer is derived from the Greek word for “cones” (=  strobilos ). The type species is Strobilurus conigenoides .

In the inconspicuous mushrooms, the substance class of strobilurins was discovered, which are effective fungicides . Strobilurin A and its synthetic derivatives achieved a market share of around 20 percent of the world fungicide market within a few years. Further strobilurins have also been discovered in other mushrooms.


Macroscopic features

The domed to flat spread hat, partly hunched in the middle, becomes 1–3 cm wide. Young fruiting bodies are gray-brown in color and later pale. The initially grayish, later white and sometimes yellowing lamellae are densely packed and bulge on the stem . The spore powder is white. The thin stem is first white and later colored ocher-brown except for the upper stem area.

Microscopic features

The elliptical spores are 4–5 micrometers long and 2.5–3 µm wide.

Generic delimitation

Other cone-dwelling fungi may look similar, especially the mouse- tailed mushroom ( Baeospora myosurus ) on pine or spruce cones and the spruce- cone helmling ( Mycena strobilicola ) on spruce cones.


Cones ( Strobilurus ) worldwide
German name Scientific name Author quote
Strobilurus albipilatus (Peck 1897) VL Wells & Kempton 1971
Strobilurus conigenoides (Ellis 1876) Singer 1962
Strobilurus diminutivus Desjardin 2000
Spruce cone Strobilurus esculentus (Wulfen 1778: Fries 1821) Singer 1962
Strobilurus kemptoniae VL Wells 1971
Strobilurus lignitilis VL Wells & Kempton 1971
Strobilurus occidentalis VL Wells & Kempton 1971
Strobilurus ohshimae (Hongo 1959) Hongo 2010
Mild pine cone Strobilurus stephanocystis (Kühner & Romagnesi ex Hora 1960) Singer 1962
Bitter pine cone Strobilurus tenacellus (Persoon 1796: Fries 1821) Singer 1962
Strobilurus trullisatus (Murrill 1916) Lennox 1979
Strobilurus wyomingensis (AH Smith & Arenberg 1941) VL Wells & Kempton 1971


Individual evidence

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