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  • Zeppelin , rigid airships named after their builder Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin
  • Graf Zeppelin (ship, 1938) , the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin was a ship of the German Navy that remained unfinished
  • Graf Zeppelin (ship, 1989) , the motor ship Graf Zeppelin is a passenger ship operating on Lake Constance, built by Österreichische Schiffswerften AG in Korneuburg and in the Fußach branch and put into service on March 18, 1989 in Friedrichshafen
  • LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin , was a rigid airship made by Zeppelin, which was put into service on September 18, 1928
  • LZ 130 , Graf Zeppelin II was the last large zeppelin put into service before the Second World War
  • Maybach Zeppelin DS 7 and Maybach Zeppelin DS 8 , luxury class cars that were built from 1930 to 1937 by Maybach-Motorenbau in Friedrichshafen / Bodensee
  • Zeppelin (ship, 1914) , the steamship Zeppelin was a passenger ship that was built in Bremen on behalf of the North German Lloyd

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