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In Germany, a customs seal is the customs seal consisting of a piece of aluminum with two holes and a red-green cord with twisted metal wire, which protects a shipment from unauthorized access after inspection by the customs authorities .

The piece of aluminum ( seal ) through which the inch cord was threaded is closed with sealing pliers . These pliers stamp the aluminum with an abbreviation consisting of a letter and a combination of numbers, which is assigned once. This ensures the identity of the locked goods.

The customs seal is mainly used for the T1 , T2 , TIR Carnet shipping procedures and for the transport of goods subject to tax suspension within Germany with the accompanying administrative document (BVD) or when the T5 control copy is used in the reimbursement procedure.

A distinction is made between the room lock (RV, a container , a means of transport, a tank hatch, etc. is sealed with a customs seal) and the package lock (PV, for example for boxes and transport pallets )

Unauthorized removal of the seal is punishable under German law as breaking a seal . An exception to this is the removal of the seal by companies that have a permit from their main customs office (“ Authorized Consignee ” permit ).

Unofficial customs seals

Locking of an ISO container with a bolt seal (steel with plastic jacket and identification number)

Customs seals that are not applied by customs authorities are, for example, mini break-away seals and tydenseals . In these cases, the sender is in possession of a corresponding permit from his competent main customs office (“ Authorized Consignorauthorization ). These are unofficial, but officially approved closures, the purchase of which in Germany must be approved in each individual case by the main customs office of the approved consignor.

These closures can only be ordered and purchased from a few companies approved by customs . In Germany, the Customs Criminal Police Office is responsible for this approval and the federal finance departments responsible for these companies are entrusted with the review.

Electronic seals are not permitted under customs law.

Move-in until April 30, 2019

In Germany, Tydenseals (Tyden-Seals and Tyden Schnur) could only be obtained from the company

  • Bednorz GmbH & Co. KG in Kelsterbach (sole agent for Tydenseals)

Mini break-away seals could only be obtained from the delivery company

  • WISTRA GmbH Transport Security Systems in Selmsdorf
  • Transposafe Systems Deutschland GmbH in Naila

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