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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Selmsdorf
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Selmsdorf highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 53 '  N , 10 ° 52'  E

Basic data
State : Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
County : Northwest Mecklenburg
Office : Schönberger Land
Height : 38 m above sea level NHN
Area : 36.13 km 2
Residents: 3110 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 86 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 23923
Area code : 038823
License plate : NWM, GDB, GVM, WIS
Community key : 13 0 74 076
Office administration address: Am Markt 15
23923 Schönberg
Website :
Mayor : Marcus Kreft ( SPD )
Location of the community Selmsdorf in the district of Northwest Mecklenburg
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Selmsdorf is a municipality in the northwest of the district of Northwest Mecklenburg in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . It is administered by the office of Schönberger Land with its seat in the city of Schönberg .


Geographical location

Stülper Huk nature reserve

The municipality of Selmsdorf is five kilometers east of Lübeck and is part of the Hamburg metropolitan region . In the north-west and north, the municipality is bounded by the lower Trave , the Pötenitzer Wiek and the Dassower See . In the southwest, a terminal moraine rises up to 83 meters above sea ​​level . One of the larger landfills in Europe is also located here, the Ihlenberg landfill .

Selmsdorf is surrounded by the neighboring communities of Lübeck (partly sea border) in the north, Dassow in the northeast, Schönberg in the southeast and Lüdersdorf in the southwest.

The northern part of the municipality is particularly interesting for nature lovers. The banks of the Trave and the Dassower See as well as the idyllic district of Teschow on the peninsula of the same name are connected by well-developed hiking and cycling trails. From a vantage point near Teschow you can see the opposite Dummersdorfer Ufer with the Stülper Huk and the Skandinavienkai ferry port in Lübeck-Travemünde, as well as the Pötenitzer Wiek and the Priwall, three kilometers north of it . In the village itself is the large pond , which is also known as the peat bog (lake).

About one kilometer west of Selmsdorf is the village desert Bardowiek , which belongs to the community and was razed during the GDR era .

Community structure

The districts of Hof Selmsdorf, Lauen, Sülsdorf , Teschow and Zarnewenz belong to Selmsdorf .


Until 1945

Atonement stone in Sülsdorf
One of three milestones

The place laid out as Angerdorf appeared for the first time in 1292 as "Celmerstorpe" in the Ratzeburg hoof register. The farming village of Selmsdorf, laid out as an anger village, existed for more than five centuries. Around 1825 there was an increased settlement of craftsmen, traders, workers and innkeepers. The proximity to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck was probably the main reason for this development. Selmsdorf is located on the old trade route of the Hanseatic League Lübeck- Wismar (today's federal highway 105 ). An atonement stone made of Gotland limestone erected at the approach to Teschow in 1398 is still reminiscent of a medieval murder. In 1584 the Ratzeburg court and chamber councilor Daniel Zöllner acquired the farm of the farmer Hinrick Vittensee in Selmsdorf. He enlarged it in 1604 by adding another position and is therefore considered the founder of the later Selmsdorf domain. The Selmsdorf Church was built in 1864 in the Gothic style with bricks using yellow bricks. After Schönberg, Selmsdorf was the second largest town in the Principality of Ratzeburg and belonged to Mecklenburg-Strelitz until the two Mecklenburgs were united in 1934 .

The districts of Lauen and Teschow were first mentioned in 1194 in Isfried's partition agreement as Lewen and Thescowe .

After 1945 until today

On July 1, 1950, the previously independent communities of Lauen, Sülsdorf, Teschow and Zarnewenz were incorporated.

The entire place Selmsdorf was until 1989 due to the proximity to the inner German border in the restricted area . Visitors could not enter the place without special permission. The northernmost border crossing point between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany was in Selmsdorf (today's industrial park “An der Trave”).

From 1952 to 1994 Selmsdorf belonged to the Grevesmühlen district (until 1990 in the GDR district of Rostock , 1990–1994 in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ). Since 1994 the community has been in the Northwest Mecklenburg district .

Population development

year Residents
1990 1471
1995 1497
2000 2035
2005 2474
2010 2708
year Residents
2015 2846
2016 2906
2017 2973
2018 3064
2019 3110

Status: December 31 of the respective year


Local government

Community representation

The community council of Selmsdorf consists of 12 members and the mayor. Since the local elections in 2019, it has been composed as follows:

Party / group of voters be right Seats
SPD 54.9% 7th
Citizens for Selmsdorf (BfS) 35.1% 4th
CDU 10.0% 1


  • 1994–2014: Detlef Hitzigrat
  • since 2014: Marcus Kreft (SPD)

Kreft was elected in the mayoral election on May 26, 2019 with 68.7% of the valid votes for a further term of five years.

coat of arms

Selmsdorf coat of arms
Blazon : “Split; in front, in red, a silver high cross surmounted by a golden prince's crown; a green ear of wheat in the back. "

The coat of arms and the flag were designed by Roland Bornschein from Wismar. It was approved together with the flag on October 23, 1997 by the Ministry of the Interior and registered under No. 136 of the coat of arms of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Justification of the coat of arms: The coat of arms combines a symbol of power with a symbol with economic reference. While the high cross, raised by a princely crown, the coat of arms of the principality of Ratzeburg, reminds of the earlier affiliation of the places to the principality that emerged from the secularized monastery of the diocese of Ratzeburg in 1648, the ear of wheat symbolizes the main occupation of the inhabitants, agriculture.


The flag is evenly striped lengthways in red and yellow. In the middle of the flag is the municipal coat of arms, two thirds of the height of the red and yellow stripes. The length of the flag is related to the height as 5: 3.

Official seal

The official seal shows the municipal coat of arms with the inscription "GEMEINDE SELMSDORF • LANDKREIS NORDWESTMECKLENBURG".


Church in Selmsdorf

Economy and Infrastructure


In Selmsdorf, numerous businesses have settled, which among other things, to the favorable infrastructure in the commuter belt is due from Lubeck. The municipality plans to expand the commercial space, as there are no more free spaces.

Local supply facilities (discount grocery stores, bakeries, two restaurants, post office) are available in the community.

Since 2012 the municipality has been operating its own solar park next to the industrial park with a capacity of 1.23 megawatts.

The community is part of the "bee-friendly community" network and in 2018 banned the use of all pesticides on community-owned land and when leasing new arable land. The community has also created three orchards and several roads with fruit trees and implemented other ecological measures.

As part of the nationwide broadband expansion, a large part of the main community, as well as all districts, belonged to the funding area, with broadband coverage from 2020. The community-owned buildings support the Freifunk initiative.


The two longest federal roads in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania meet in Selmsdorf : the B 104 from Lübeck-Schlutup via Schwerin and Neubrandenburg to the Polish border in front of Stettin and the B 105 , which starts here and leads via Wismar and Rostock to Stralsund . The closest motorway junctions are Lüdersdorf and Schönberg on the A 20 (Lübeck – Rostock). They are each eleven kilometers away. The next junctions for the A 1 and A 226 are in Lübeck on the western side of the Trave.

Selmsdorf has no railway connection. The closest stations are Lüdersdorf (Meckl) and Schönberg (Meckl) on the Lübeck – Bad Kleinen railway line . They are served by the RE 4 regional express line ( Lübeck - Stettin ).



The community has its own primary school, a regional school part for the 5th and 6th grade as a branch of the Regional School Dassow, a nursery and two day-care centers with infant care.


Selmsdorfer SV 94, founded in 1994, offers around 200 members the sports of soccer, athletics, table tennis, badminton, senior sports, volleyball, aerobics and cheerleaders. The sports hall is next to the school and the sports field opened in 2001 in Flöhkamp.

There is also the gymnastics and acrobatics club (TAV) and FC Selmsdorf as a local football club.


  • Association Eschengarten as a sponsoring association for the forest kindergarten
  • Fishing club, founded in 1991
  • Citizens' initiative "Stop the Schönberg landfill"
  • Citizens' Association Sülsdorf
  • Friends of the Selmsdorf local fire brigade
  • Friends of the Selmsdorf primary school
  • Friends and supporters of the Teschow peninsula
  • Kulturbund Selmsdorf
  • Living with cancer
  • Scout tribe sea eagles / Selmsdorf
  • Selmsdorfer Linedancer eV
  • Traditional association fire brigade Teschow


Sons and daughters of the church

Personalities associated with Selmsdorf

  • Daniel Zöllner (1544–1618), founder of the later Selmsdorf domain
  • Johann Georg Rußwurm (1781–1848), pastor in Selmsdorf
  • Hermann Ohl (1836–1914), pastor in Selmsdorf
  • Alfred Horn (1847–1912), pastor in Selmsdorf and author of the chronicle "On the history of the Selmsdorf parish"

Web links and evidence

Commons : Selmsdorf  - Collection of images
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