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The addition was a Satire broadcast in the radio , the weekly WDR 2 was broadcast.


The radio satire program encore had been around since 1995. It was initially broadcast daily, later weekly, and most recently every Friday from 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm. The predecessor was the long-standing cabaret show Entertainment à la carte on WDR 2. The title of the show comes from WDR editor Günther Krotky, who regularly looked after the encore in its early years.


In the broadcast, current affairs were satirically processed. It consisted of individual contributions that were linked by a moderation. A large part of the contributions consisted of regular series such as Angie Late Night (parody of Angela Merkel in the form of a late night show ), Erdoradio (parody of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ), Two and a half presidents (parody of Two and a Half Men with Erdogan, Putin and Trump as flat share residents), Die Von der Leyens (parody of Ursula von der Leyen and her large family), Lobbythek (parody of the Hobbythek ), Kwoxenkohl (parody of Quarks & Co. ), The Pupsburger Augenkiste (parody of the Augsburger Puppenkiste ) and Sarko de Funès (parody of Nicolas Sarkozy in the style of Louis de Funès ). For the Internet presence and social media channels, some episodes of the Two and a half presidents were animated as animated films.

Formerly there was Die Hartzons (parody of The Waltons ), Schloss Koalitionsstein (parody from the horror genre of Angela Merkel and Ronald Pofalla ), Tim Mahl (parody of Tim Mälzer ), the poem from Berlin (current news excerpts in rhyme form) and many more. The duo Onkel Fisch regularly contributed song parodies. Occasionally the Chanson of the Month ( SWR 2 ) by Thomas Pigor was included in the encore, rarely episodes of the earlier NDR series Stenkelfeld . Until Volker Pispers left the WDR 2 Kabarett show , some of his contributions were also used there.

In addition, cabaret classics, excerpts from current cabaret programs and guests from the German-speaking cabaret scene had their place. Occasionally the encore also took place live in front of an audience.

Most recently, Sigrid Fischer , Tobias Brodowy and Christoph Tiemann took turns moderating . Former moderators were Stephan Fritzsche , Henning Bornemann , Axel Naumer and René Steinberg . Regular participants also included Tom Beinlich , Onkel Fisch , Richard Berkowski , Uli Winters , Maria Grund-Scholer , Martin Zingsheim , Nils Heinrich , Markus Hennig , Fritz Eckenga , Jana Fischer , Urs von Wulfen , Detlev Gröning , Dietmar Wischmeyer , Mathias Piecha and Heinrich Pachl .

Broadcast and podcast

The show has been broadcast every Friday from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on WDR 2 since April 10, 2015. This meant that their duration - after the elimination of the time after midnight at the beginning of 2015 - was again shortened by one hour.

Large parts of the encore were also broadcast in the weekly programs Fun 5 and now Satire deluxe ( WDR 5 ) and intensive care unit ( NDR Info ).

From February 2007, there were five highlights from the encore as well as Tom Beinlich's column “The top 5 topics that were the topic last week, but then somehow didn't make it onto the show - and why not?” Also in the weekly podcast , the encore six-pack . Since October 19, 2009, the podcast Addition Fun Package included the complete program including the additional section. Since February 2007 there has also been pointed background information from the editorial team, written down by “encore stuff and blog manager” Christopher Heimer and read from Wednesdays to Saturdays in the encore blog on the WDR Comedy portal.

After the last broadcast on May 26, 2017, the WDR removed the program "Addition" from its program. Individual contributions will be broadcast during WDR 2 POP! sent. The program will also be available on the Internet on Fridays as a podcast called “Addition Pur”, moderated by Onkel Fisch , Christoph Tiemann and Tobias Brodowy.

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