113 BC Chr.

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Heads of state

113 BC Chr.
Cimbrian Wars
The migration of the Cimbri and Teutons
Cimbri , Teutons and Ambrones defeat the Romans
in the battle of Noreia .
113 BC Chr. In other calendars
Buddhist calendar 431/432 (southern Buddhism); 430/431 (alternative calculation according to Buddha's Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 43rd (44th) cycle , year of the earth-dragon龙 辰 ( at the beginning of the year fire-rabbit 丁卯)
Greek calendar 3rd / 4th Year of the 166th Olympiad
Jewish calendar 3648/49
Roman calendar from urbe condita DCXLI (641)
Seleucid era Babylon: 198/199 (turn of the year April); Syria: 199/200 (turn of the year October)