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Global territorial situation in the 1st century

The 1st century began on January 1, 1 and ended on December 31, 100 .

Age / Epoch

The 1st century belongs to the ancient era in the Mediterranean .

The distribution area of ​​the Mochica culture in Peru

Events / developments


Some of the personalities listed were born towards the end of the last century and are still listed here. Others were born in this century but will not be performed until the next century. This is due to the fact that the criterion for inclusion was not whether the year of birth falls in this century, but whether the main work and activity of the person took place in this century. Of course, a clear delimitation of this type is not always possible.

Inventions and discoveries

  • At the beginning of the 1st century, windows made of raw glass were first used in Rome .
  • In Rome around the year 17, stable braided wire ropes were made from individual copper wires .
  • Surgical instruments with more than 100 individual instruments are used in Rome.
  • Around the year 52 , a 5.6 km long drainage tunnel was driven through Monte Salviano to drain the water from Lake Fucin .
  • Around the middle of the 1st century, cupboards came into use for the first time in Rome, in addition to the previously common chests .
  • Second half of the 1st century: the first suspension bridge made of iron chains is built in China.
  • In Rome, the lock for keys with beards is invented.
  • The first glass mirrors came into use at the end of the 1st century : thinly rolled tin foil was placed behind a glass plate as a reflective surface. The glass mirrors soon replace the previously used polished metal mirrors.


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