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Global territorial situation in the 4th century

The 4th century began on January 1, 301 and ended on December 31, 400 .

It belongs to the period of late antiquity .

Age / Epoch

Events / developments


  • Chrocus (about 260-3 ??) was involved in the elevation of Constantine to Caesar (lower emperor) in 306 .
  • Constantine (about 280- 337 ), Roman Emperor (from 306 ). Made Byzantium ("Constantinople") the capital of the Roman Empire and thus laid the foundation for the emergence of an independent " Eastern Empire ". Contributed decisively to Christianity becoming the state religion. Passed laws to protect slaves and waged successful wars under the sign of the cross.
  • Axid (about 291- 347 ), North African freedom fighters . Created the quasi-communist revolutionary movement of the " Circumcellions " and fought for the exploited slaves, peasants and workers of his country, incorporating Christian ideals. Was defeated by the Roman army
  • Ermanarich ( 305 - 370 ), King of the Ostrogoths (Ostrogoths, Greutungen) from 350 . Some of the southern Russian Goths and founders of the empire. Defeated Slavs , Finns and Teutons and also Roman armies, but lost to the Huns .
  • Shapur II. ( 309 - 379 ), king of Persia . Fighter of Christianity and promoter of the Persian Zarathustra religion. Successfully fought against Rome and the Huns and was able to enlarge and maintain his empire.
  • Wulfila (lat Ulfilas;. About 310- 383 ), the first Bishop Westgoten (Visigoths, Tervingi). He converted them to Arian Christianity . He invented a new script for the Gothic language , which had previously been written in Germanic runes. It was a modification of the Greek script with some Latin letters.
  • Martin of Tours (lat. Martinus), (* around 316); † November 8, 397 ), third Bishop of Tours and French national saint. He quit his military service as a Roman officer out of Christian conviction in 356 and was ordained Bishop of Tours in 372 . He is considered the link between Rome and the Franconian Empire .
  • Ammianus Marcellinus (* around 330, † around 395), Roman historian. Alongside Prokopios of Caesarea, he was the most important late antique historian.
  • Julian ( 331 - 363 ), Roman Emperor from 360 . Fired thousands of redundant officials, cut taxes, and reorganized education. Tried unsuccessfully to stop the advance of Christianity in the Roman Empire.
  • Ambrosius ( 339 - April 4, 397 , Doctor of the Church and Bishop of Milan.
  • Theodosius , the 'friend of the Goths' ( 347 - 395 ), Roman emperor of Spanish origin ( 379 - 395 ) and the last ruler of a unified Roman Empire. After a serious illness, a devout Christian, he finally enforced the trinity dogma of the divinity of Jesus .
  • Balamir (also Balamber, about 350- 404 ), supposedly king of the Huns. Target on the Volga have penetrated and the kingdom of the Alans of the Terek , Kuban and the lower Don have destroyed. He is also said to have conquered Ermanarich's newly founded Ostrogoth empire with his cavalry armies and forced the Goths to military service and tribute . However, its historicity is controversial.
  • Gratian (about 359-383), Roman Emperor ( 375 -383). Under the influence of Ambrosius , he renounced the office of "high priest" previously held by the emperor and made Christianity the dominant power in the crumbling empire.
  • Stilicho (360 to 408 ), Roman general and statesman. After the death of Theodosius Regent Westroms. Alaric defeated the king of the Visigoths and also invading Germanic and Ostrogoths. With his territorial claim to Ostrom sealed the final division of the Roman Empire.
  • Alarich I. (about 374- 410 ), King of Westgoten. Leader of the uprising of 391 , defeated Theodosius . After changing fortunes in war, conquering Rome and death in 410 .

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