A191 (Russia)

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191 in Russia
Basic data
Operator: Федеральное дорожное агентство
(Federal Highway Agency)
Overall length: 31 km

Federation subjects :

Kaliningrad Oblast

The A 191 is a Russian trunk road in the Kaliningrad Oblast . It connects the city of Kaliningrad ( Königsberg (Prussia) ) with the seaside resort of Zelenogradsk ( Cranz ) and the Curonian Spit (Kurski zaliv). The total length of the road is 31 kilometers.

The entire route of the A 191 is a section of the former German Reichsstraße R 128 , which led from Cranz via Königsberg (Prussia) , Bartenstein (now in Polish: Bartoszyce) and Ortelsburg (Szczytno) to Warsaw .

Course of the A 191

Kaliningrad Oblast :

City of Kaliningrad :

Gurjewsk Rajon ( Neuhausen district):

Zelenogradsk Raion ( Cranz District):