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Rythme I by Robert Delaunay , 1934

Abstraction-Création was on 15 February 1931 on the initiative of the Belgian painter, sculptor and architect Georges Vantongerloo in Paris , founded cosmopolitan association of artists of Modernism , which existed until 1937. Other founding members - many of whom previously belonged to the group " Cercle et Carré ", others from Theo van Doesburgs Art concret - were Sophie Taeuber-Arp , Hans Arp , Theo van Doesburg, Antoine Pevsner , Naum Gabo and Auguste Herbin . The group quickly grew to nearly 400 members.

The aim of "Abstraction-Création" was to create a forum for abstract art . This included joint exhibitions, readings and discussions, as well as public relations work and publications. The group became a spiritual and organizational center and a meeting point for the concerns of representatives of the concrete , constructivist and geometric art movements.

In the years from 1932 to 1937 the artists' association published the almanac "Abstraction-Création, Art non-figuratif". The association did a lot of theoretical and methodological preparatory work for non-representational art. The artists engaged in color studies, in which physical-optical phenomena were explored that affect the eyesight of the beholder. These include, for example, flicker effects and three-dimensional color vision.

The content and publicity of “Abstraction-Création” and its exhibitions contributed significantly to increasing the social recognition of abstract art.

The group "Abstraction-Création" dissolved in 1937.

Most of the most important artists of the group "Abstraction-Création" were later represented, mostly several times, at the Documenta in Kassel , especially from 1955 to 1964 at documenta 1 , documenta II and documenta III , which focused on abstract art.


Members of the Abstraction-Création group included (in chronological order of their years of birth):

NB: Former members of the “Cercle et Carré” group are marked with an asterisk.

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