Achille Grassi

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Achille Grassi

Achille Grassi (born February 16, 1456 in Bologna , † November 22, 1523 in Rome ) was a cardinal of the Catholic Church .


The von Grassi family belonged to the Bolognese aristocracy, who mainly devoted themselves to legal professions: his father Baldassare was a notary, his uncle Gaspare Podestà in various cities of the Papal States. As an auditor of the Rota Romana, Grassi was an employee of the Roman Curia and from 1506 bishop of Città di Castello . In 1508 he was on a diplomatic mission for the Pope in France , in 1509 in Switzerland , in 1510 in Hungary and Bohemia .

Grassi was elevated to cardinal priest of San Sisto by Pope Julius II in 1511 - in 1517 he opted for Santa Maria in Trastevere - and was from 1512 bishop of Bologna and from 1521 also bishop of Pomesania . From 1512 until his death, Grassi was cardinal protector of the Kingdom of Poland. He died three days after Clement VII was elected.


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Lorenzo Campeggi
Job von Dorbenck Bishop of Pomesania
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