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Adolph Emil Cahn (born May 26, 1839 in Mainz ; † June 5, 1918 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German numismatist and coin dealer.


Adolph E. Cahn was the son of the jeweler Isaak Cahn and Martha Cahn, nee. Seligmann. He attended grammar school in Mainz and, after completing an apprenticeship, initially took over his father's jewelry business. However, he turned completely to numismatics and opened a coin shop in Frankfurt on Zeil 17 in 1874 . In 1878 the business moved to Eschersheimer Landstrasse 36, then in 1892 to Niedenau 55 in the Westend .

After Adolph E. Cahn's death in 1918, his son Ludwig (Theodor) (1877–1924) and his wife Johanna, nee Neuberger (1881–1963) took over the management of the business under the name Adolph E. Cahn . He was followed by his brother Julius Cahn (1872–1935), who together with his sister-in-law and his wife Emma, ​​nee. Hartmann (1882–1969) continued the business. When Julius Cahn died in December 1935, the coin dealership was taken over shortly afterwards by his colleague Elisabeth Button and continued under the name "Frankfurter Münzhandlung E. Button". The two grandchildren of Adolph B. Cahn, Erich B. Cahn and Herbert A. Cahn , emigrated to Basel in 1934 due to increasing Nazi persecution, where they founded the Münzhandlung Basel AG , since 1941 Münzen und Medaille AG , which has become one of the most important coin dealers the world became.

Family tree of the Cahn family

  • Isaak Cahn ⚭ Martha Seligmann
    • Adolph E. Cahn ⚭ Berta Baer (1848–), daughter of Leopold Joseph Baer
      • Julius (Alfred) Cahn (1872–1935) ⚭ Emma Hartmann (1882–1969)
      • Ludwig (Theodor) Cahn (1877–1924) ⚭ Johanna Neuberger (1881–1963)
      • Anna (Hedwig) Cahn ⚭ Heinrich Wilhelm Schwabacher (1852–1908)
        • Willy Schwabacher (1897–1972)
        • Cornelia Bertha Schwabacher (Nelly Rossmann) (1899–1957) ⚭ Alexandre Sasha Rossmann


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  • 1911: Paul von Baldinger-Seidenberg Collection, Stuttgart
  • 36, 1913: Rudolf Ritter von Höfken-Hattingsheim Collection, Vienna
  • 39, 1919: Collection of coins and medals mainly from Württemberg as well as from Baden and various other countries from the property of the late factory owner J. Beck in Feuerbach near Stuttgart
  • 40, 1920: Dr. F. in B. - Roman imperial coins (Paul Friese, Berlin)
  • 42, 1920: Renaissance medals and plaques. Georg Heinrici Collection , Leipzig
  • 44, 1921: Duplicates of the Princely Fürstenberg coin cabinet in Donaueschingen and the municipal coin collection in Freiburg im Breisgau
  • 46, 1922: Rudolf von Höfken collection
  • 49, 1922 Collection by a Rhenish scholar ( Max Verworn )
  • 52, 1924: Ferdinand Friedensburg Collection
  • 56, 1926: Richard F. Peltzer Collection. I. Masonic Medals and Masonic Marks; II. Shooting coins and marksmen's medals, hunting coins, etc. - medals; III. Traffic, medals and coins on railway structures, shipping, bridges, road construction etc.
  • 57, 1926: Duplicates in the coin cabinet of the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg
  • 60, 1928: Collection of a numismatist in Asia Minor. Ancient coins, coins of the Byzantines, the Barbarians and the Migration Period
  • 67, 1930: Numismatic Library Ferdinand Friedensburg
  • 70–72, 1931: The ducal Anhaltinian coin collection in Dessau
  • 75-79. 81, 1932/33: The Princely Fürstenberg Coin Cabinet in Donaueschingen
  • 80, 1933: Greek and Roman coins from the possession of Sir Arthur J. Evans , Youlbury near Oxford, LA Lawrence, Esq., London, Hans Freiherr von Koblitz , Salzburg, Dr. Hans Steger, Sieversdorf a. a.
  • 1933 (with Adolph Hess Nachf.): The gold and silver coins of the Roman Republic up to 15 BC. Chr. Collection Justizrat Dr. jur. et phil. hc Ernst Justus Haeberlin July 17, 1933
  • 86, 1935: The Willy Pieper, Soest † collections - important series from Rhineland and Westphalia, North and Central Germany, screw medals, etc., numismatic library and Dr. Steger, Sieversdorf † - Taler and large coins from Brandenburg, Roman-German Empire, Bohemia etc. in particularly good condition


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