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Alberto Magnelli (born July 1, 1888 in Florence , † April 20, 1971 in Meudon ) was an artist and self-taught . Early on, he showed an abstract direction in his paintings . He was one of the most important representatives of modern painting in the 20th century, especially after the Second World War .

On March 15, 1914, Magnelli , who was fond of modernism , arrived in Paris with the poet Aldo Palazzeschi . This is where he, who was mainly influenced by book knowledge, found the reality of painting, u. a. There he met Pablo Picasso and Fernand Léger . He concluded u. a. Friendship with Guillaume Apollinaire . In 1915 Magnelli painted his first abstract pictures. On October 31, 1940 Magnelli married Susi Gerson in Grasse in the unoccupied south of France. Best man was Hans Arp .

1947 became an important year for Magnelli. In July 1947, the retrospective organized by the René Drouin Gallery made him known as an abstract painter. After the deaths of Wassily Kandinsky , Robert Delaunay and Piet Mondrian , Magnelli appeared to the younger generation as one of their forerunners.

The black, brown and blue of Magnelli's pictures are reminiscent of the colors of the frescoes of earlier eras on Crete. His work could provide something equivalent to these sublime and serene decorations. They are natural jewelry, without exaggeration and without overexertion ........ "Hans Arp, foreword to the Magnelli exhibition in the René Drouin Gallery, Paris, 1947

In the period that followed, Magnelli's works were shown in many well-known museums and exhibitions. B. 1954 in a retrospective in the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels 100 pictures from 1914–1954, 1963 retrospective in the Kunsthaus Zürich , 1968 retrospective with 173 works in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Alberto Magnelli participant of documenta 1 (1955) with his own room and documenta II in 1959 in Kassel . In 1950 Magnelli was given a personal room at the Venice Biennale , in which 18 pictures from the years 1914–1948 were shown.

Alberto Magnelli died of cardiac arrest in his home on April 20, 1971. He was buried in the Meudon cemetery.


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extensive documentation on the life and work of Alberto Magnelli with many correspondence.

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