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Albrecht von Eyb on a woodcut 1521.
From the marriage booklet (Nuremberg 1472)

Albrecht von Eyb (born August 24, 1420 at Sommersdorf Castle near Ansbach , today in Burgoberbach ; † July 24, 1475 in Eichstätt ) was a lawyer and early humanist German writer and translator.


Albrecht von Eyb studied theology and law in Erfurt and was canon in Eichstätt from 1444 , in Bamberg from 1452 and in Würzburg from 1462 . However, during this time he mainly stayed in Italy, including Bologna , Padua and Pavia , where he received his doctorate in both rights on February 7, 1459. In Italy he was influenced by the culture of the Renaissance and by humanism and in 1459 he also received the title of Chamberlain from Pope Pius II. Only from autumn 1459 did he live permanently in Germany again, initially in Eichstätt under Johann III. von Eych , then after lengthy disputes about the Würzburg benefice obtained in 1462, in Würzburg and, during the last years of his life, again in Eichstätt and Bamberg.

His translations of short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio and comedies by the ancient comedy poet Plautus were important . From 1472, under the title “Margarita poetica”, a Florilegium from ancient and Renaissance writings, which was probably completed in Italy in 1459, as well as his multiple published “Marriage booklet: Whether a man sey zuemen ein eelichs weyb or not” appeared in print . The latter led to controversial discussions among scholars about misogamy .

The primary school in Burgoberbach , 3 km from his birthplace, is named after him.

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