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Alexander Goebel at the Romy Awards 2008

Alexander Goebel (born October 9, 1953 in Lünen ) is a German actor , musical performer , comedian , theater director and radio presenter who lives and works in Austria .


Alexander Goebel attended high school in Wiesbaden and then trained as a foreign language correspondent for English and French. For two years he was director of the children's theater group Benjamin in Wiesbaden and a further two years as a professional musician in the English group The Rolling Machine Band.

Then he went to Vienna and trained as an actor at the Max Reinhardt Seminar . For four years he was a member of the Vienna Burgtheater ensemble . In addition to appearing in various musicals and theaters, he also directs. He can also be seen in various Austrian film productions.

As a singer, he recorded several songs that were released on single, LP and CD. He also wrote the theme song for the film An almost perfect wedding.

From 1993 to 1996 he hosted his show Goebel on Saturday on Radio Vienna and from 2005 to 2018 the Alexander Goebel Show . At the ORF show Musical! He was a member of the jury for the show and the 2008 ZDF show Musical Showstar .

From 2013 to 2014 Goebel was director of the Ybbsiade .


Goebel lived in New York from 1996 to 2002 . He is the father of four children. He was married to the beauty entrepreneur Agnes Widmer on June 17, 2017, and they divorced again in October 2018. He has lived in St. Pölten since February 2019 .




  • Orpheus & Eurydice and the glass bead industry (Ensembletheater Wien)
  • Richards Korkbein (Ensembletheater Vienna)
  • Traumspiel (Ensemble Theater Vienna and Conservatory Vienna)
  • Hölderlin (Ensemble Theater Vienna and Stadthalle Vienna)
  • King Ubu (Schauspielhaus Vienna)
  • Rudolf II (Schauspielhaus Vienna)
  • Servant of two masters (Schauspielhaus Wien)
  • Romeo and Juliet (Volkstheater Vienna)
  • The Jurists (Volkstheater Wien)
  • Death of the traveling salesman (Burgtheater Vienna)
  • The Righteous (Burgtheater Vienna)
  • The Tempest (Burgtheater Vienna)
  • Waikiki Beach (Volkstheater Vienna)
  • Love (Volkstheater Vienna)
  • EGO (St. Pölten City Theater)


Comedy shows

  • Not for the faint of heart, 1989 (K&K - Theater, Vienna and Burgtheater, Vienna)
  • Zum Goebel , 1992 (K&K - Theater, Vienna and Vindobona, Vienna, Austria tour)
  • Alles Goebel, 1993 (K&K - Theater, Vienna and Vindobona, Vienna, Austria tour)
  • Das Goebel vom Ei , 1994 (K&K - theater, Vienna and Austria tour)
  • With Messer and Goebel 1995 (K&K - theater, Vienna and Austria tour)
  • Best Of Goebel, 1997 - 2000 (Tour Austria, Germany)
  • Fear , ( Ybbsiade 2002)
  • Pronounced Goebel , 2007 (Raimundtheater Vienna / Austria tour)
  • Good feelings , 2010 (Ronacher Vienna / Austria tour)
  • Red lips , 2012 (Ronacher Vienna / Austria tour)
  • Cool , 2015 (Raimundtheater Vienna / Austria tour)
  • Men , 2017 (Raimundtheater Vienna / Austria tour)


  • Like the moon over fire and blood - Maria Theresa's first year of reign (Director: Axel Corti )
  • Elisabeth
  • The damned
  • An almost perfect fling (part 1 of the trilogy)
  • An almost perfect divorce (part 2 of the trilogy)
  • An almost perfect wedding (part 3 of the trilogy)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas , German dubbing voice for Jack Skellington
  • Feeling is everything (with Rainhard Fendrich and Elfi Eschke)
  • Topless (by Rainhard Schwabenitzky, with Elfi Eschke)
  • Hitler in court

Theater direction

  • The hectic people - naked (K&K - Theater, Vienna)
  • The hectic people - Thank you dear hectic people (K&K - Theater, Vienna)
  • The Rocky Horror Show (Theater-Sommer Amstetten)
  • Musical - Oh my God ...! (Applause - Theater & Vienna Concert Hall Vienna)
  • The Rocky Horror Show (Raimund Theater, Vienna)
  • Time of Stupidity (Cabaret Simpl, Vienna)
  • Wurzel from 2001 (Cabaret Simpl, Vienna)
  • Musical - The Show (Ybbsiade)


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Feeling and hardness
  AT 20th 07/01/1986 (6 weeks)
  AT 33 10/02/2005 (1 week)
  AT 10 09/01/1985 (12 weeks)
The Phantom of the Opera (with Luzia Nistler)
  AT 2 02/15/1989 (18 weeks)


  • 1982: Alexander Goebel
  • 1983: we are all
  • 1986: feeling and hardness
  • 2005: eMANNzipation


  • 1986: Sisyphus
  • 1986: The sheer madness
  • 1989: The Phantom of the Opera (with Luzia Nistler )
  • Some Men (theme song to the film An Almost Perfect Wedding )


  • To the Goebel. Jugend & Volk, Vienna

Audio books

  • The Bible for children and their adults. Read by Alexander Goebel. edition-o, Vienna


  • 1993–1996: Goebel on Saturday on Radio Vienna
  • Since 2005: Alexander Goebel Show on Radio Vienna

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