Alster hiking trail

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Alster above Poppenbüttel lock with the former lock keeper's house and Henneberg castle ruins , both cultural monuments
Alster hiking trail panorama near Alsterdorf (July 2006)

The Alsterwanderweg stretches along the Alster river and the Alster Lake from its source in Schleswig-Holstein to its confluence with the Elbe in Hamburg . It is part of the North German Way of St. James , the Via Baltica.


The hiking trail is marked by the Hamburger Wanderverein eV with yellow directional arrows on trees and stones, some with signs. The total length from Kayhude to the Elbe is about 37 km.

From the confluence of the Alster into the Elbe, the hiking trail continues as the Elbe bank hiking trail . The Hanseatic City of Hamburg can be hiked through from its northern to its western border on these two routes.

The source area of ​​the Alster and the surrounding moors are under nature protection , so the path from the source to Lemsahl-Mellingstedt does not run directly along the river. (The eastern branch of the path, which does not start at the source, follows the river from Kayhude .) Most of the route leads directly along the Alster and is also excellent for cycling , especially the section in the Alstertal to Hamburg-Ohlsdorf . Then stairs and short sections directly on the street make driving more difficult. The hiking trail leads directly to downtown Hamburg . You can continue to hike to the jetties .

Meaning of the abbreviations on the markings

Path marking between Poppenbüttel and Ohlsdorf
AQ Alster spring
K Kayhude
P Poppenbüttel
O Ohlsdorf
H port
FL Fleestedt

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