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Location of the former Treene office in the district of North Friesland

The Treene Office is a former office in the North Friesland district in Schleswig-Holstein . The office had its administrative seat in Mildstedt and was named after the Treene .

The area was 184 km², the office had 12,300 inhabitants in the communities

  1. Fresendelf
  2. Hude
  3. Mildstedt
  4. Oldersbek
  5. Ostenfeld
  6. Ramstedt
  7. Rantrum
  8. Schwabstedt
  9. Simonsberg
  10. Süderhöft
  11. South march
  12. Winnert
  13. Wipe
  14. Wittbek


In 1970 the offices of Mildstedt , Ostenfeld and Schwabstedt were combined to form the Treene office.

Until July 1, 1974, the municipality of Ipernstedt also belonged to the office. She left by incorporation into Rantrum. In addition, the municipalities of Schwabstedter Westerkoog and Hollbüllhuus left in 1975 and 1976 through incorporation into Schwabstedt.

On January 1, 2008, the municipalities of the Treene office merged with the municipalities of the Friedrichstadt offices (excluding the city of Friedrichstadt ), Hattstedt and Nordstrand and the new North Sea-Treene office .

Coat of arms of the former Treene office

coat of arms

Blazon : "Under the blue head of the shield, in it three golden keys with the beards on the left and below, in gold a red plow iron pointing upwards."


  1. Schleswig-Holstein's municipal coat of arms