Office Hattstedt

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Location of the former Hattstedt office in the district of North Friesland

The Office Hattstedt is a former office in the district of North Friesland , Schleswig-Holstein . The administrative seat was in the municipality of Hattstedt .

The Hattstedt office was located north of the North Frisian district town of Husum and extended from the Nordstrand peninsula in the west to the border with the Viöl office in the east. In the north it was bounded by the non-governmental municipality Reußenköge and the office Bredstedt-Land .

The office had an area of ​​almost 80 km² and around 6400 inhabitants in the communities

  1. Arlewatt
  2. Hattstedt
  3. Hattstedtermarsch
  4. Horstedt
  5. Olderup
  6. Schobull
  7. Wobbenbüll


In 1889 the district of Hattstedt was formed from the parish districts of Hattstedt, Olderup and Schobüll in the Husum district . The parish land community of Hattstedt consisted of the villages of Hattstedt, Hattstedtermarsch, Horstedt and Wobbenbüll, the parish land municipality of Olderup from the two villages of Arlewatt and Olderup and the parish land community of Schobüll from the four villages of Halebüll, Hockensbüll, Lund and Schobüll.

After the parish rural communities were dissolved in 1934, the village communities became independent rural communities. The four municipalities of the former parish district of Schobüll were merged again in the same year to form the rural municipality of Schobüll.

In 1948 the district was dissolved and the seven communities formed the parish land community of Hattstedt , which changed the name to Amt Hattstedt in the same year . 1970 came the office with the entire Husum district to the district of North Friesland.

From 2000, the Hattstedt office maintained a partnership with the eastern Polish district of Hajnówka ( Białystok region , Podlaskie Voivodeship ).

As part of the administrative structural reform, the municipality of Schobüll was incorporated into the city of Husum on January 1, 2007 . With effect from 31 December 2007, the Office dissolved and the remaining communities formed with the municipalities of offices Friedrichstadt (excluding the city of Frederick City ), North beach and Treene the Nordsee-Treene .