Office Bredstedt-Land

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Location of the former office of Bredstedt-Land in the district of North Friesland
Coat of arms of the former Bredstedt-Land office

The office Bredstedt-Land was an office in the district of North Friesland in Schleswig-Holstein . The administrative headquarters were in Breklum .

The office had an area of ​​145 km² and recently had a good 9,000 inhabitants in the communities

  1. Ahrenshöft
  2. Almdorf
  3. Bohmstedt
  4. Breklum
  5. Drelsdorf
  6. Goldebek
  7. Goldelund
  8. Högel
  9. Joldelund
  10. Kolkerheide
  11. Lütjenholm
  12. Sönnebüll
  13. Struckum
  14. Vollstedt


In the course of the Schleswig-Holstein office reform on April 1, 1970, the former offices of Bohmstedt , Breklum and Joldelund were combined to form the office of Bredstedt-Land. With effect from April 1, 2008, the office was added to the Central North Friesland Office .

coat of arms

Blazon : "In gold, from fourteen house silhouettes - eleven green ones and in the right and left upper corners as well as in the base of the shield with a larger red house silhouette each covered with a white cross - bordered, a blue shield with a silver ox head."


  1. Schleswig-Holstein's municipal coat of arms