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Andreas Fabricius , also Andreas Schmid (* around 1480; † 1552 in Davos ) was a Swiss Catholic clergyman and reformer .


Andreas Fabricius worked as a priest in Medel in the canton of Graubünden from 1504 to 1527 .

On January 7, 1526 he took part in the religious discussion in Ilanz . It was suggested by Johannes Comander , who defended his 18 religious theses here, which, among other things , dealt with the Lord's Supper , ear confession , celibacy and the images. Fabricius decided there to turn to the Reformed faith.

From 1527 until his death he was the main pastor in Davos, where he helped the Reformation to break through as the successor to Jacob Spreiter. With the support of Landammans Hans Guler von Wyneck and Paul von Buol, he introduced the lay chalice in Davos in 1528 . Of 29 December 1537 to 4 January 1538 he was the Rhaetian Synod for religious discussion by Susch delegated by the emergency baptism of the daughter of Ulrich Campell had been initiated. This was followed by his participation in the disputation in Chiavenna in 1549 , in which Philipp Gallicius , Johannes Blasius and Peter Brun from Ilanz tried to mediate in the dispute between the Anabaptist -minded Camillo Renato and the local priest of Chiavenna, Agostino Mainardi , and in which a church ordinance for the Italian exile community was established.

Andreas Fabricius was friends with Huldrych Zwingli .

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