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Andreas Johannes Rüdiger

Andreas Johannes Rüdiger (born November 1, 1673 in Rochlitz ; † June 6, 1731 in Leipzig ) was a German philosopher and student of Christian Thomasius .


Rüdiger was the son of a school board member and attended the Princely Reussian Gymnasium in Gera . In 1692 he went to Halle , where he took a private tutoring position with Professor Christian Thomasius and was introduced to his philosophy. In 1700 he acquired his master's degree in philosophy with the treatise De usu et abusu terminorum technicorum in philosophia , which was followed in 1701 with the habilitation thesis De virtutibus intellectualibus .


Rüdiger was an opponent of Leibniz and Wolff 's view of the rational explicability of the world. He criticized not only their use of the mathematical method, but also the pre-established harmony . He was one of the representatives of the influxus physicus . He said that because all conceptions and ideas are of sensual origin, experience is the basis of all science. In natural philosophy he sought a mediation between the mechanical explanation of Descartes and the mystical conception of Robert Fludd , but leaned more towards the latter direction, while in the field of practical philosophy he mainly followed his teacher Thomasius.

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