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Andreas Renner (* 7. June 1959 in Stockach ) is a German politician of the CDU .

Life and work

Renner attended elementary school and high school in Stockach, where he graduated from high school in 1979. He studied administrative science at the University of Konstanz until 1986 . After completing his studies, he completed a legal clerkship at the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg and then worked for the city of Konstanz . In May 1989 he became a state official at the Ludwigsburg district office , from January 1990 at the Stuttgart regional council and from June 1991 at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics . Then he attended the leadership academy of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Since retiring from politics, he has been with EnBW since 2006 .

Renner is married.

Political career

As an adolescent, Renner became politically active in the Junge Union , of which he was district chairman in southern Baden from 1987 to 1989 and Baden-Württemberg's state chairman until 1994. Since 1989 he was represented on the state executive committee of the CDU Baden-Württemberg, from 1992 to 2008 he was also a member of the national executive committee of his party.

In December 1993, the citizens of the city of Singen (Hohentwiel) elected him mayor. When he was re-elected eight years later, he achieved an election result of over 80 percent.

After Günther Oettinger in April 2005 Prime Minister in Baden-Wuerttemberg had become, he appointed Renner to Minister of Labor and Social Affairs . Renner resigned from this office on January 27, 2006 after several political affairs.

In September 2005 Renner criticized the US President George W. Bush with the words "He should be shot down". He later distanced himself from his words - "I take back my choice of words with an expression of regret" - and explained that he had not asked anyone to "fire missiles at Bush". He did not call for “violence against politicians”, but used the phrase in a slang manner (in politics “shoot down” is used as an expression for ousting / disempowering). At that time, Renner's resignation was called for.

Within his party and with many conservatives, Renner was controversial because he was the first Christian Democratic minister in Baden-Württemberg to take over the patronage of Christopher Street Day in Stuttgart . His support for the event was the reason for a dispute with the auxiliary bishop of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese Thomas Maria Renz in July 2005, at which the Bishop Gebhard Fürst was also present. When Fürst joined in the conversation, Renner is said to have declared: “Stay out of this, just start fathering children first.” Renner himself claimed that he merely said: “Then first allow yourself to that priests father children ”. However, the other wording was confirmed by the bishop's spokesman. Despite Renner's apology to Fürst and an arbitration meeting in the presence of Günther Oettinger, Renner resigned. Secretary of State for Culture Monika Stolz succeeded him .

On February 7, 2012, Renner announced that he would like to apply to the CDU for the nomination of the candidate for the mayoral election in Stuttgart on October 7, 2012 , after the non-party Sebastian Turner . On March 17, 2012, the CDU members decided at a member-open party congress who would be their possible successor to Lord Mayor Wolfgang Schuster : Renner was clearly defeated by 231 votes to his competitor Turner, who received 462 votes.

From 2013 to 2016 Renner was chairman of the CDU Singen city association.

Honorary positions

Renner is among other things chairman of the Friends of the Musikschule Singen e. V. and member of the board of trustees of the Lebenshilfe Singen foundation.

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