Josef Schüttler

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Josef shaker (* 11. December 1902 in Fredeburg today Bad Fredeburg, city Schmallenberg in Sauerland , † 7. October 1972 in Singen (Hohentwiel) ) was a German politician of the CDU .


Schüttler attended school in Fredeburg and then did an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer and fitter . In 1920 he joined the Christian Metalworkers' Association , whose full-time secretary he became. This brought him to Singen am Hohentwiel, where he worked in a wine shop after 1933 because he had to give up his offices for political reasons. During the Second World War he worked in the arms industry and was also a brief soldier.

Since 1945 Schüttler has been involved in IG Metall , of which he became managing director for the Lake Constance area. He held this office until 1956. At the same time he was politically active in the CDU, for which he was elected to the municipal council of the city of Singen in 1945. From 1946 he sat for four years in the constitutional state assembly and in the state parliament of South Baden . In 1949 , as in 1953 and 1957 , he was directly elected to the German Bundestag for the constituency of Constance , of which he was a member until 1961.

On June 23, 1960, Prime Minister Kurt Georg Kiesinger brought him into his cabinet as Labor Minister of Baden-Württemberg , which is why Schüttler decided not to run for the Bundestag again in 1961. Schüttler also held ministerial office under Prime Minister Hans Filbinger , but gave it up in 1968 for health reasons and was no longer represented in the new state government made up of CDU and SPD. Four years later he succumbed to the consequences of his diabetes .

Schüttler was married to Luise geb. Cousin and had three children.